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You used to play baby method, in fact, very dangerous! Sohu [open] fast health doctor is a interaction created by the strength of the rain doctors live columns, each Department invited the major hospitals of the top doctors, answering questions, interact with people, pay attention to the rain doctor APP, or WeChat, rain doctors (ID:springraindoctor), the public can get a new doctor information. The speaker Chang Hongxing, deputy director of red star treatment joints and limbs bone disease in 20 years, has rich clinical experience of hip and knee joint surgery. It has a high level of diagnosis and treatment of complicated and complicated diseases of bone and joint, necrosis of femoral head, hip impingement syndrome and congenital malformation. Hip arthroplasty and hip and knee joint replacement for femoral head necrosis and acetabular dysplasia is an expert in the development of adult and pediatric hip dysplasia. Figure 1 (from the network (Figure two) from the network) is the first report, students from teacher corporal punishment caused by high paraplegia; second reported that the child was open flowers from the top for throwing bottles. Teachers or parents in the punishment of children, perhaps did not expect such serious consequences. However, some injuries occur, the consequences will be difficult to recover. First of all, by beating, binding, restriction of personal freedom and often abusive, threatening way, the implementation of the family members of the body, the spirit of infringement is a violation of the "People’s Republic of China anti domestic violence law"; secondly, violence will result in children’s body and mind There’s no telling the consequences. We do not advocate the use of violence to punish children, to persuade education is the first choice for children. The doctor soon began to make [], the deputy director of orthopedics Army General Hospital Chang Hongxing told you, baby play this thing how dangerous. Q: the meat on the buttocks, fight up on it? Not. Fat fat on the buttocks, so it is relatively safe to beat with the hand. But the main distribution of hip pelvis, sacrum and sciatic nerve, if the use of tools, such as broom, hanger, once the intensity and position control is undeserved, may cause nerve damage. Therefore, the ass is best to use the palm of the hand, and not excessive force. Q: is it dangerous to slap your head? Yes. Although the head is relatively hard, the general pat will not be particularly dangerous. But our brain is very soft, improper tapping may produce concussion, easy to cause brain contusion, cerebral hemorrhage, etc.. In addition, the head and chest of the cervical spine (neck) is also very dangerous, the head of the violent shaking may cause damage to the cervical spinal cord. Q: what’s the danger of slapping? Children’s nasal mucosa is more fragile, if the strength of improper control, the angle of loss, hit the nose may cause the child’s nasal bleeding. If you accidentally hit the child’s ears, because of changes in ear pressure, may affect the hearing of the ear, severe hearing loss will occur. If the intensity is too large, and even cause brain injury and cervical injury