39Xiang Tao domestic striker was multi team contact expect a high platform to achieve the ideal|Xiang Tao domestic striker was multi team contact expect a high platform to achieve the ideal5

Xiang Tao domestic striker was multi team: hope to achieve the ideal platform for the 2015 season high Xiang Tao fought relegation sina sports league ended a week, the team players have entered into a nice vacation period, however Hunan Hunan domestic striker Li Xiang is still in his "ideal" efforts. The last round of byoyomi lore, high center help Xiang Tao magic relegation this season, could not again such a miracle, because of injuries, he can only process the final rounds of even in the stands watching relegation, but unable to restore. As a Beijing born striker, Li Xiang was born in 1991 when the player’s golden age. In the 2014 season to join the North Polytechnic, Li Xiang when the season on the magic in the League scored a goal of 15 goals, and Wang Dong tied to become the second year of the local league striker. The 2015 season to Xiang Tao, Li Xiang is still in the forward line and aid in the competition to grab the playing time, and scored 8 goals. The final round of the League byoyomi lore Yi Teng, is the old club North downgrade Polytechnic, occupation spirit has been consistent in the industry of football. It could even be said that Li Xiang, who scored 25 goals in the last three years, is one of the most domestic players who have scored the most goals in domestic competitions. In the local shooter are age, height is outstanding, excellent ability in front of Qiangdian Li Xiang, became a minor league in the offbeat. But his superior ability to score, so that he can be called the attack as foreign aid striker is an important candidate for rotation, and even can replace foreign aid striker, so Li Xiang has become the focus of many domestic team winter signings. According to the reporter side, after the end of the league, many teams are linked to Li Xiang, I hope he will be able to transfer to the team next season, but he is 25 years old this time he was very careful choice. I now choose to be very cautious, because after all, they are not young, and I hope to have a higher platform to achieve the ideal of football." In fact, in the past three seasons, regardless of North Polytechnic fans and the Hunan fans are Xiang Tao, Li Xiang was full of praise for technical level. Search the Internet on the "Li Xiang" name, you can even see the fans like him to enter the national team potential posts. After the deterioration of the Tao Tao, in order to achieve a higher ideal of football, Li Xiang in this winter will be a little more effort and rush. Li Xiang said he looked forward to have the opportunity to stand on a higher stage, do not try, how can I know you can not do it?