39The price of gold fell 1330 mark contention of a hundred schools of thought bad oil prices could ens|The price of gold fell 1330 mark contention of a hundred schools of thought bad oil prices could ens8

The price of gold fell 1330 mark "contention of a hundred schools of thought" bad oil prices followed Sina eclipse fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Huitong network August 24th News – Wednesday (August 24th) spot gold shocks weaken, once refresh nearly a week low of $1326.74 an ounce, the market would be a hawkish speech at Jackson Holzer at the annual meeting of the Federal Reserve Chairman Yellen, so the bulls have scruples, the overnight U.S. new home sales data is strong, help the dollar intraday rally is also under pressure to make gold. Crude oil market, in addition to the recent increase in the supply of oil producing countries, the market adds two bad news, oil prices fell more than 2%.   [short-term gold price diving $12, nearly a month low on Wednesday (August 24th)] European time short-term diving spot gold $12, once refresh nearly a month lows to $1325.60 an ounce, days without special instant trigger factors, may be affected by the market generally expected the Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Yellen will deliver a hawkish speech drag, later this week Jackson Holzer in the overnight U.S. new home sales data is strong, help the dollar continued to rebound in two days to 94.82 days high, but also to suppress the formation of gold. Friday (August 26th) the Federal Reserve Chairman Yellen Jackson Holzer (Janet Yellen) at the annual meeting of global central bank delivered a speech on "the Fed’s monetary policy tools, since last week, many Fed officials issued a hawkish speech this week, the market believes Yellen may continue to express this hawkish speech, given the short counterattack provided an opportunity. ANZ research team on Wednesday (August 24th) said that the essence of Yellen’s speech focused market may be mechanical and long-term, may show the market underestimated the Fed’s possible tightening of Yellen’s speech. This could be a source of market turmoil if Mr Yellen joins his colleagues in the quest for austerity. Tu Guobin, head of research at Yongfeng’s financial group, said there was concern that the possibility of a rise in interest rates in September was not completely ruled out. Although the long-term interest rate hike is not large, but in the short term, there should be some pressure on the price of gold. The world’s first CFD IG Ltd brokerage analyst Nicholson pointed out that Yellen on Friday (August 26th) caused by short-term fluctuations in market of global central bank annual meeting will be published, especially hawkish speech at the Fed vice chairman Fisher; interest rate expectations will undoubtedly bring positive impact to us dollar index, the positive factors may be transferred to the world the financial market. However, OCBC bank pointed out that, although the Fed is expected to raise interest rates in December, but the continued risk aversion will continue to support the safe haven demand for gold. If only this year to raise interest rates at the end of the year to maintain the price of gold is expected to $1350 ounce, if you do not raise interest rates, the price of gold will rise to $1400 ounce. Although the U.S. economic fundamentals better, by the British election impact off the European uncertainty and investors are expected to be on November.