38The F1 station is ranked Hamilton wins again Ferrari Red Bull pole|The F1 station is ranked Hamilton wins again Ferrari Red Bull pole1

The United States F1 station: Hamilton Red Bull clinch pole qualifying Ferrari 2016 season F1 left the 4 stations, Rosberg led teammate Hamilton 33 points, the two competition will be intensified. Hamilton has said he will do everything possible to win all the races. In the free practice before the game, Hamilton and Rosberg won the first and second fastest. But the three training, Red Bull and Ferrari Heli A new force suddenly rises., Vista Pam won the one or two Raikkonen prize card, third, beat Mercedes. Like the previous two games this week, Red Bull is still a strong contender for the championship, the strength should not be overlooked. Last year, the United States race, because of bad weather led to practice, qualifying are affected, the race is also a frequent situation. So tire performance, there is not much to learn from. The United States today qualifying in fine weather, the Pirelli bring is super soft, soft and medium tyres, because the temperature is not high, do not rule out a team standing in the same tendency to Suzuka one stop strategy. Q1 United States qualifying start, Perez first came out, he has confirmed that the contract will continue to force India next season. Hawken Berg and his companions were poaching reynolds. Weil Lai took the lead to make 1 points and 39 seconds of 319 results, but not competitive. Hamilton and Rosberg direct use of soft tire debut, the first to make a big 1:36.520. Rosberg followed 1:36.296. Red Bull is also the same as the super soft against the fetus, Vista Pam’s performance is slightly faster than three, but ranked in the third, not enough to go beyond Mercedes benz. His teammate Ricardo in fourth. Ferrari is also a super soft tires, but the situation is not ideal, Raikkonen and even less than the results of India’s strength of the forces of the United States, only sixth and seventh in the, only in the case of. The final Q1 is eliminated by Grosjean, Magnuson, Barton, Nussle, and AOKANG, to yin. Veteran Barton due to the slow effect, can not make a better score, very regrettable. Q2  Mercedes Benz two cars equipped with soft tyres to take the lead, this time Rosberg beat teammate 1:36.351 to the first, followed by the next to the Hamilton. The British had a little bit of a lock on the 15 bend, losing about 0.2 seconds. But the Germans have not been able to keep the first, red bull Ricardo use super soft tires to 1:36.255 to the first. This is really a menacing Red Bull station. ‘s Vitel and Raikkonen were at fourth and fifth, respectively, to be fast at the beginning of the year of the year in which the Ferrari. But the Dutch and Mercedes Benz is also used as soft tires. Q2 lattice flag waving. Finally eliminated Perez, Alonso covey, Yate, Gutierrez, Palmer and Erickson. This is the first time Perez failed to enter the Q3. At the same time, McLaren has The whole army was wiped out. Q3 Q3, Rosberg began to use the new super soft hard pole, but go big, should not be a small loss. Hamilton took the lead in making 1:35.370 in the first place, due to the mistakes of Rosberg, 0.072 seconds behind.