38Guo Chuan team overnight search and rescue ship captain Guo and the recovery of sailing (video)|Guo Chuan team overnight search and rescue ship captain Guo and the recovery of sailing (video)2

Guo Chuan Team Charter night went out to search and recovery information [Guo captain sailing] has not yet been found captain Guo Sichuan rescue work and never give up the Xinhua News Agency Beijing November 4th sports news (reporter Ma Bangjie) the Guo Chuan team recruited 4 French seaman in Hawaii local time, 3 night after night together, boarded the rented fishing vessels to unmanned recovery driving "China · Qingdao clipper", and along the way to rescue more than 10 days lost to captain Guo Chuan. Data figure according to Guo Chuan team general manager Liu Lingling introduced, fourth French seaman Hawaii 3 pm local time, 8 points from Tahiti to Honolulu with three other seaman sarkozy. At 11:15 in the evening, they rented a "aunt Betty" fishing boat to the sea. It takes about five to six days to reach the waters of China ·, Qingdao. They are expected to sail 1000 nautical miles to find "China · Qingdao". Guo Chuan team members do not know what happened when the water falls Guo Guo, do not know whether the ship out of the question. Liu Lingling said: "I want to know the trimaran, there is one feeling." Liu Lingling and another member of the team of Sichuan Guo Hawaii local time October 31st morning arrived to "aunt Betty" goes to sea, during this time, the two of them to work, to rent a boat, and set up an emergency is mainly composed of four French seaman and three "aunt Betty" on the seaman. The sea rescue team. Liu Lingling received a bad news 3 am local time. They are scheduled on a plane to rescue Guo Chuan, but need to refuel in Midway Islands. They use a variety of relationships, get the plane landed in Midway Islands license, but refused to provide U.S. troops on the island to refuel the aircraft, the use of aircraft search and rescue plan suffered a major obstacle to Guo sichuan. "Aunt Betty" in the "China · Qingdao" on the voyage, the ship will be on duty to observe the sea, looking for Guo chuan. As of press time reporter, Guo lost contact has more than 10 days. (end)