37Nike launched the concept of red wine Pirlo exclusive shoes – China Network|Nike launched the concept of red wine Pirlo exclusive shoes – China Network7

Nike launched the "red wine concept" Pirlo’s shoes – Beijing, Beijing, September 19, Nike released in September 19th, belongs to the six generation legend series of "red wine concept" Pirlo’s shoes, salute Italy soccer superstar Andrea Piero. The boots vamp color is red wine, and the grape variety named "Miller" (Merlot); insole material for cork, and the bottle cork of the same material. Pirlo is not only a great football player, but also a passion for the Wine winery owner. In early 2007, Pirlo in Italy in northern Brescia province Fulailuo town took over a company called Pratum Coller winery, the existing 3.5 hectares of vineyards, 30 years old 10 years old 2.5 hectares, 1.5 hectares of vineyards planted vineyards began in 2010. Pratum Coller white wine grape varieties for Lou Gaynor Trebbi Olo (Trebbiano di Lugana), red grape varieties of Miller (Merlot), Mazey Mino (Marzemino), and Bella (Barbera) and San Jon Vessey (Sangiovese) etc.. The produced wine including white, pink Wine NITOR wine EOS, red REDEO and ARDUO Wine. It is understood that the legend of the six generation of Nike Pirlo exclusive shoes soles and heels printed with the following Venus, a symbol of the Italy team won the world cup for the 4 time, including the war in 2006, the world cup in". Cork insoles on the "AGED SINCE 94" (beginning in), commemorating Pirlo’s football career started in the year of 1994. (Chen Zhuang)