36Li Qiuping I hope that Zhou Qi face the reality at present most strenuous efforts|Li Qiuping I hope that Zhou Qi face the reality at present most strenuous efforts3

Li Qiuping: I hope that Zhou Qi face the reality at the present stage the most strenuous efforts to   in the just concluded "AFC Champions League Cup" game, the Xinjiang team won the championship, a triumph, although immeasurably this championship gold and CBA championship, but such a good luck also raised expectations for the new season. The day before, Xinjiang coach Li Qiuping, Li Gen, Zhou Qi, member of the new aid Sun Tonglin et al accepted the CCTV sports news. This summer, the Xinjiang men’s basketball team recruiting squad, the team also gave the team a lot of changes, this time the most reassuring is "joy puts heart into a man." Li Gen, from the national team after coming back, Lee and his girlfriend took out a marriage certificate, the nourishment of love, let Li Gen a great state, in the season before the game can not completely recover but still feel hot, like the national team coach Gong Luming, Lee made tea hobby, it has also become an important means of adjusting his fitness. "Before the cold, fever, diarrhea, before the start of each season will come this way, to restore the body, to restore the feeling of the game is also very important." Talking about the preseason, Li Gen said, "after receiving certificates suddenly have a feeling is not the same as before, we set up a new family, I have more responsibility to work hard, to their families, to two families." Compared with Li Gen Zhou Qi this summer with many NBA, dplace failed to meet expectations, the Olympic Games is not in luck, devil had a smooth road star road suddenly come to a one hundred and eighty degree turn, Qi Zhou in the preseason has fluctuated, let Li Qiuping see in the eyes, keep in mind that "we hope he can play as much as possible to find the sense of the game, because he did not feel now, the ball has a problem in dealing with his teammates, he now is trying to find the mentality, I hope he can spend the throes as soon as possible." Xinjiang coach Li Qiuping said. This summer, talked about his experience, Zhou Qi said: "for me, had not previously experienced many things this summer, positive or negative, or is a kind of experience for me to choose for myself is a kind of satisfaction, and if it is disappointed with what is the location (Draft) on some." Li Qiuping said: "you have to accept this reality now, faced with this reality, you are now the No. 43 pick, second round draft, I hope through this thing, let him become more mature, more strenuous efforts to go, this is he to do now." The new season Xinjiang team Sun Tonglin introduced, in Li Qiuping’s view, he should try our best to enrich the rich teams, "as Sun Tonglin, he in the number four position, his support technology in CBA players, he is one of the better." Sun Tonglin said: "I hope it’s not that I have the ability to help the team, I want to use my positive efforts to bring the ability of the team." So many years, a lot of people are asking, how far away from the championship in Xinjiang, Li Qiuping in this summer is also trying to find the answer, no matter what kind of situation, from our Xinjiang