36Europe’s 20 most popular Stadium Bernabeu ranked only fifth of the first terror|Europe’s 20 most popular Stadium Bernabeu ranked only fifth of the first terror7

Europe’s 20 most popular course: Bernabeu ranked only fifth first horrible Europe’s most popular 20 stadium distribution map of sina sports recently, professional sports data website stadiumDB published a list of Europe’s most popular Stadium last season ranked one of Dortmund’s home court, Fallon Granville stadium with an average of 81 thousand and 178 people ranked first, Barcelona home court Nokamp, Old Trafford, Bayern United’s home court home court at the Allianz Arena and Real Madrid’s home court Bernabeu in second to 4. Below is the stadiumDB statistics of European hot degree top 20 golf course: 1 Westfalen stadium in Dortmund from 1999 onwards, Westfalen stadium to Germany, and even Europe’s most popular courses, because of the 2006 World Cup, Westphalia ball expansion into the field can accommodate 81359 people, but after 2011, with the Dortmund to regain the Bundesliga champions, the number of viewers of the Westfalen stadium is no less than 80 thousand people. Last season, Westfalen stadium averaged attendance for the number 81178, averaging attendance of 99.8%, the first European home court fully deserve the devil. 2 Nokamp stadium in Barcelona as one of the strongest clubs in Europe, Barcelona, has the largest football stadium in Europe, the United States can accommodate up to 99354 spectators in the field of football in the United states. In addition, the number of tickets sold Barcelona each season is also the world’s largest, Barcelona each season can sell more than 86 thousand tickets. But relatively speaking, Nokamp’s attendance is low compared with other courses, Barcelona last season, averaging attendance of 78881 people, and the averaged attendance rate is only 79.3%. 3 Old Trafford despite Manchester United last season and is not very satisfactory, but United home court is still at Old Trafford last season’s largest stadium, attendance averaged for 75279 people, the attendance rate is as high as 99.5%. Manchester United were robbed of almost every single ticket. If the Old Trafford can further expansion to the south stand, will very likely surpass Westphalia, become Europe’s most popular stadium. The 4 Bayern Allianz Arena than Munich Westphalia, another German club home court that is also very popular, has achieved four consecutive Bundesliga Bayern Munich. Last season, Bayern home court game attendance was 75000, while the total number of seats at the Allianz Arena but also 75024 people, the occupancy rate is close to one hundred percent. StadiumDB said that the figures provided by Bayern, is still unable to prove whether it is true, but it is enough to show how crazy Bayern fans. 5 Bernabeu stadium can accommodate 85454 people for Real Madrid’s Bernabeu, field attendances had 69736 people and 81.6% attendance may not be too high, but Real Madrid fans not far numbers can be reflected. Whenever Real Madrid play against Barcelona at home