36Beihai Sea Fleet submarine drill attack several rounds of combat injuries hiding – Sohu military cha|Beihai Sea Fleet submarine drill attack several rounds of combat injuries hiding – Sohu military cha5

Beihai Sea Fleet submarine drill attack several rounds of combat injuries – hiding breakout Sohu Military Channel "the thought that this exercise as usual, just follow the prescribed order completion of ‘actions’ even if successful. Unexpectedly suffered a series of crisis insurance bureau." The submarine docked, the crew is still memorable thrilling — this "deep-sea sortie": not long ago, the author with Beihai fleet submarine detachment of 315 boats at sea exercise. Unlike in the past, the night before the sea, the ship commander and the relevant person in charge of the secret mission was summoned to deploy. Deployment will be less than 5 minutes. What are the tasks, training troops who have, how to set the emergency time node, how to do so will clear the previous problems were not mentioned. We clearly feel the unusual exercise. Indeed, in the mission area, the submarine is not completely into the sea, "the enemy" on the face to. "The report, found that high speed sonar target……" Quick dive! Bilge 1 tube bait – launch, heading……" Four sergeant Tao Rui immediately press the launch button, a smooth tube bait. The blue side is actually already before this ambush, suddenly everyone’s nerves taut. After the first round of attack, the combat team immediately combined with the battlefield situation and the hydrological environment to develop an attack plan. The deep ocean, a desperate battle triggered at any moment. Friends I do not know who, difficult odds. Instead of passive defense, as active decoy, submarine command group bold change tactics, deliberately making noise exposure position. The move immediately attracted to each other "wolves" attack, torpedo, depth bomb turns to. The boat has been prepared, the use of hydrological environment protection, clever escape attacks, and successfully grasp the other forces configuration and trajectory. "The report, a number of target azimuth locking sonar × ×, identified as submarine; No. two target range × ×, identified as surface ships." "Report, the number one target orientation increases; the two target azimuth increases, the speed of × × section, showing Z zigzag maneuver." An enemy two, how to fight? A brave man, even if the risk is bigger, also want to try to sink the enemy. Captain Wang Yong decided to double salvo. "Report, tube 3, number 4……" "3, No. 4 tube – put!" "Report, find the high speed target close to mine." Double salvo failed to hit all at this time, the submarine has become a moving target to each other "". Critical juncture, the boat again fired bait and quickly evade. "Your boat has entered the enemy mine area, mine explosion damaged hull by impact, multiple, and serious fire danger." One event succeeds another., with the boat suddenly issued the dispatch problem. Wang Yong immediately ordered the start of the battle navigation damage control plan, sealing, power, plugging, fire fighting…… The crew or equipment, or to make ready for action. About 15 minutes later, repair damaged everywhere, submarine fighting back, and look for an opportunity to attack again on the "enemy". "The 1 target disappears." With the gradually corrugated sonar line, the other 1 combat units are.