36Basketball magazine columnist Zhao Jiwei, for the big occasion|Basketball magazine columnist Zhao Jiwei, for the big occasion2

Basketball magazine column: Zhao Jiwei – Zhao Jiwei for the big occasion — from the public, Mr. Big basketball magazine "the Linfang Zhao Jiwei love scene. With his first coach, Haicheng City, Liaoning province sports school coach Wu Bo said: this boy, good talent, renlaifeng, never stage fright, more scenes play better. Zhao Jiwei opened before the age of 21 transcripts: led the Liaoning youth team won the national championship in group B; captained the national youth team at all levels across Asia; Seventh World Championship history; Changsha asianchampionship shaking reversal of South Korea, Iran and Philippines defeated the champion to regain the Rio Olympic Games; before the war the United States team core defender Erwin on center Cousins…… Compared with the other players, Zhao Jiwei introverted, mature seasoned many, it seems to be from an early age to develop character, but it cannot hide his presence on the show passion. "I love competition, love hard, love the feeling of winning stand head and shoulders above others." Anshan double fast Zhao Jiwei passion has been wrapped with confidence. Don’t give up, do not bow, and diligently, when he met a few life in the elegant finish gorgeous, it is natural to shine. Zhao Jiwei was born in 1995 in Liaoning, Haicheng, height 1.85 meters, is a pig, the age of 21. Initially, the fans gave Zhao Jiwei the nickname "Anshan Paul", because Haicheng is a county-level city, belonging to the city of Anshan. The Liaoning people mentioned in Haicheng, the first thought is a large set of Xiliu clothing market and Haicheng Niuzhuang pie, thin filling big pie Niu Zhuang has covered Liaoning city 14, cute. So, if Zhao Jiwei does not go sports this road, Anshan might have a clothing company boss, or a pie shop shopkeeper, but for China basketball is perhaps a big loss…… Like many basketball players, Zhao Jiwei played a very important role in the process of growing up. His father is a soldier, resolute character, rigorous work, so Zhao Jiwei has to be proud of his father, father’s day, every day, or my father’s birthday, he will send blessings on micro-blog, sometimes with my dad when the army recruits who dressed handsome photos. "My father was a soldier, I am more severe education, of course, is looking forward to my promising. When I was a child, he felt that he had a good body than anything else, so I was very interested in sports, football, basketball and table tennis……" Zhao Jiwei’s first coach, Haicheng coach Wu Bo also plays a very important role. "Zhao Jiwei is our school, is walking training system, he was the primary school in the sports school not far north, about 10 minutes walk. It was his father to send over, say come up the body, when he was only more than and 10 years old." Wu Bo said. In addition, his first impression of Zhao Jiwei is introverted, practicing than children of the same age small, but good sense of ball, bounce the ball dribbling rhythm is very good. Before Zhao Jiwei, the Haicheng city sports school basketball team in the history of the biggest star is "CBA Garnett" said Gu Liye. Once the Liaoning men’s basketball main striker, national youth, the main national team, Zhao Jiwei is the master of the same brother..