35Mourinho behind the bogeba trust him completely to buy Manchester United (video) he does not regret |Mourinho behind the bogeba trust him completely to buy Manchester United (video) he does not regret 4

Mourinho: behind the bogeba trust him completely united bought him no regrets! Who is the strongest 90? Neymar flower foot PK Pogba Lynn Kon Bogba State Sports News September 17th downturn Tencent to create a world record transfer fee of 89 million pounds to return to Old Trafford, bogeba four games was to produce bad transcripts 0 goals and 0 assists, including the former Manchester United midfielder Scholes, many industry insiders have criticized the French midfield, Alex Mourinho Libogba, "he states unsatisfactory is normal, but he will gradually improve the state, I trust him completely." Pogba did not perform well in the first four games, "said Mourinho." I just want to forget about it and play my own game. He played in the European Cup, didn’t take part in pre-season training and came back after the holidays. He did well in the first game, but it was normal to play down after the first game. But I totally trust him because I know what kind of player he is. I know he is an ambitious player, a very good guy, with the team, his status will gradually improve. He will improve after the team improves. No problem." Media criticism of Pogba is one of the reasons the United paid a high transfer fee of $89 million for the French midfielder, but Mourinho pointed out that "some club may be pulled out 20 million, 30 million or 40 million to the signings, but more than Manchester United to sign Pogba to be, because there is a very important relationship between your spending and club income. You know, the other clubs in the money spent to signings, they take more risk." Thursday after the UEFA Cup defeat against Feyenoord, United have suffered two defeats, the prospect of a war against Waterford, Mourinho said, "I have always said that the best power is yourself full of power, I can provide extra power, but the player must have the power. If the player to lead a comfortable life, the money to buy what you want, then they should need extra power. I believe that they will try to win the game on Sunday and will do their best." (Obail)