35Leverkusen cut off the champions league wins broken curse! End of the war 10 grams of friends (video|Leverkusen cut off the champions league wins broken curse! End of the war 10 grams of friends (video0

Leverkusen cut off the champions league wins broken curse! 10 grams of Premier League rivals Leverkusen final battle broke the Premier League winless spell guest [collection] Tottenham 0-1 Leverkusen Kanpur smart White Hart Lane sports Tencent captured a guest at Wembley, Leverkusen 1-0 win over Tottenham Hotspur, not only won the first victory in the Champions League this season, this is the first time in the history of their team win the Premier League. Guest guest broke the Premier League, London will curse. This season in the Champions League before the 3 round, Leverkusen won 3 draws in the last round of the Bayer arena and Tottenham 0-0 shake hands. The Empire came to London, it is a huge challenge for pharmaceutical companies, because the previous two after this battle, they not only are lost, and single negative net at least 2 ball! The first battle occurred on 2002, Leverkusen 1-4 defeat to Arsenal at Highbury, sebesen in 4 goals behind the face, although Tope Muller’s team successfully reached the Champions League final, but lost to Real Madrid (data) runner up. The second time was in 2011 of the Standford bridge, 0-2 pharmaceutical companies lose very simply. In fact, the European war away from the Premier League team, Leverkusen has never won, the results were 2 flat and 7 negative, the last draw is the February 2007 UEFA Cup 0-0 Blackburn. This time at Wembley against Pochettino led the Spurs (Tottenham at White Hart Lane standard, European home court changed at Wembley), the tenth battle pharmaceutical companies can break the spell? The Slovenia midfielder Kanpur gives the answer, he pushed the only goal of the game in the shot into sixty-fifth minutes right, to help Leverkusen win 1-0, breaking the curse of the Yu also won the Champions League this season, the first win, and this is the team for the first time since November 2014 Champions League victory. Group phase 4 Harding Park, Schmidt’s team 1 wins and 3 6 points, ranking rose to second, 2 points behind the leaders of Monaco, is 2 points ahead of third place tottenham. (Mary)