34The fourteenth round of the women surrounding at the Ying Sheng Jiajia black Shanghai 2 to 0 victory|The fourteenth round of the women surrounding at the Ying Sheng Jiajia black Shanghai 2 to 0 victory6

The fourteenth round of the women surrounding at the Ying Sheng Jiajia black Shanghai 2 0 win over Guangdong at the Ying Sheng Jiajia black sina sports watch action figure chess in October 28th Fourth "CITIC Real Estate Cup" Chinese chess League fourteenth round of the Xiamen Grand Prix zhanba Yu Ruiyi hotel. Eventually, the two Shanghai veteran Rui Naiwei,, respectively, defeated the Guangdong team, Cai Bihan, Chen Yiming, became the only winner. Even the other teams are equal. The Jiangsu team is at Xiamen Tianyu ecological Kuanyinshan team, although at the Ying zhihei set to defeat black Jiajia, keep unbeaten 14 game winning streak, but the first King Star enemy Lu Minquan, Jiangsu’s first undefeated winning streak was stopped at the 13 game winning streak. In thirteenth, the 14 round of Ying hit Taiwan second games, the first is to maintain a 12 game winning streak. The second Hangzhou City chess team was also ranked Qingchuan college team draw. Hangzhou city go school a negative Song Ronghui leaves second high Guiwu, Xingsheng Lu Jia, Qingchuan college team earned 1 points. 2016 women surrounding the theme of "The Belt and Road Chinese beautiful", from April to 9 in Luoyang, Dunhuang, Urumqi women’s menstrual Weijia meandering westbound, after leaving the woman on the go Raider in Gobi, grassland and Tianchi Lake, at the end of 10 and launched the "maritime Silk Road", is the first stop in Xiamen. Rui Yi hotel is located in the Lujiang Road, across the sea and Gulangyu Islet. In the fourteenth round of the Ying Jiajia black race schedule in 28 storey luxury suites, local television broadcast. The fourteenth round of Shanghai’s Zhang Xuan for the first time in the first quarter of the season, with the team of the nine section of the against the Guangdong team on the team, the first time this season, the team played the first game against the team. Before the thirteen round of the women surrounding have at the Ying and Wang Chenxing area ecological Jiangsu team accumulated 22 points topped the field. The first 12 game winning streak at the Ying, ride in the invincible realm. Hangzhou city school chess team accumulated 19 points up, Song Ronghui Yi Shanzhan. Her first record of 6 wins and 2 losses 75% winning percentage, total record of 9 wins and 2 negative list of top second wins. Xiamen Guanyin Hill third, points behind the Hangzhou city go to school team 3 points, 16 points. The table with the women surrounding entered the closing stages of the relegation battle is fierce. Before the thirteen round at the bottom of the Qingchuan college team only accumulates 5 points, basically a foregone conclusion. The Beijing chess team, Hunan team, Appollo friendship Guangdong Tianhe agricultural team accumulated 11 points, 10 points and 9 points, respectively ranked 7~9. Another relegation team will be generated between the three teams. The difference between the three teams only 1 points, the remaining four rounds will be a life and death battle. The fourteenth round of the fourth "CITIC Real Estate cup Chinese chess League fourteenth round of the Guangdong Tianhe agricultural team 0-2 Shanghai central chess team (black) Cai Bihan two negative (white) Rui Naiwei nine (white) Chen Yiming two negative (black) Zhang Xuan eight Hangzhou chess team 1-1 Qingchuan school chess team (black five) Song Ronghui (white) Guiwu leaf segments (white) high star two wins (black) Lu Jia two Hunan friendship Appollo team 1-1 Luoyang team (black) Wang Jun River)