34Inter winter window inadvertently introduced r Ma is willing to stay in Suning for more than half a |Inter winter window inadvertently introduced r Ma is willing to stay in Suning for more than half a 3

After the inter winter window accidentally introduced R horse to keep him in Suning for half a year [] report of Yongchang 1-6 Su Ning Martinez Teixeira curled the ball hit the door wearing a hat in September 13th to join the Jiangsu sports Tencent Suning in less than two months, Columbia teenager Roger Martinez completely fire. Because of the amazing performance of 6 games in the super stadium, Martinez not only proved their strength, but also with their own time to join the dream of overtime – landing international Milan closer. Recently, according to Italy’s well-known sports media "football market" news, international Milan has Martinez formally as a part of the future, he will certainly put on a blue shirt, but not the season winter transfer period, but to wait until June next year. Foreign media screenshot football market, said that because of the strong rise of Martinez, he went to inter Argentina striker I Karl Di’s assistant, will soon become a reality in the near future. "Martinez has proven himself to be a great striker in the Super League, and we can see the possibility of his arrival in Europe and Inter, and the day is not too far away." The media commented. However, when the winter transfer window opens, inter is likely to be the first to introduce other non EU players, so there is no EU passport Martinez also need to wait. However, Martinez does not need to worry that he will be missed and Inter, because Inter has sent scouts to track his performance, until the next summer transfer window opened, he will be able to join Inter from suning. Football market believes that Martinez joined Inter, will solve the problem has long plagued Inter Milan, that is, how to find a suitable partner for the u.s.. However, there are Italy media believes that inter expectations for Martinez is not just to become a deputy so simple as I Karl Di. In fact, inter is to be made Martinez I Karl Di’s successor, especially in the latter’s background, there may be in suspense at next summer’s premier, Martinez more intense desire for inter. If the transfer next summer, Martinez means that after the end of the season, can be re – Su Ning for half a season. According to the Italy media, Inter Milan and Suning players do not have any problems. Can be used in less than two months, let the dream become a reality, Martinez’s future is really worth looking forward to. (Yalugelu)