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China crazy embrace 13 gold   behind the story is more touching – Sports – People’s original title: China crazy embrace the story behind the story of the gold is more moving in September 11th, Chen Junfei in the game. On the same day, in the Rio Paralympic Games track and field women’s long jump T38 finals, China’s Chen Junfei to 4 meters to win the title of 77. Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Li Ming Xinhua Rio De Janeiro September 11th sports news (reporter Ji Ye He Jun) on the 11 day of the Rio Paralympic Games, Chinese Teams continued to triumph, maddening 13 gold. Behind these proud achievements, Chinese disabled athletes and coaches have also paid a lot of hardships. Four days later, China has won 39 gold, 30 silver and 23 bronze medals topped the list. In Britain, 23 gold 14 silver 19 copper in second, Ukraine with 18 gold and 13 silver and 18 bronze in third, followed by the USA (13 gold), Brazil (6 gold) and Uzbekistan (6 gold). The first gold medal in archery at the Rio Carnival held in the Sambadrome, recurve mixed team, composed of Confucianism and Wu Chunyan Zhao China team in the final total score to beat Iran 5:3 team. Chinese team in the opening had to 0:2 behind, but after the tenacious will score into 3 flat. The last moment, the Iran team played only one ring, the Chinese team is to withstand the pressure, and ultimately to take advantage of the first four game. Standing on the highest podium, Wu Chunyan left the tears of excitement. She said: for the preparation of Rio is indeed pay too much, and took the first gold medal in particular." The use of a wheelchair, she also particularly grateful to the coach, the coach is worried about the training of our mobility, every time we have to pull the arrow, back and forth to go a lot of road". On the first day of the finals of table tennis court, Chinese player Feng Panfeng and Liu Jing won the men’s singles and women’s singles 1 – 3 2 class champion, two people have achieved three consecutive Paralympic Games in their respective projects. Feng Panfeng said with emotion: "it is a four year, a group of a group of teammates, I am still a lot of pressure." Remembered that he had to practice tennis, Feng Panfeng said that in the winter training without heating, wheelchair or hoop, hands have frostbite, but they that a group of people, very happy together, don’t feel much pain. Rowing competitions all over 11, China players Wang Lili and Fei Tianming / Liu Shuang respectively in the women’s Single Sculls (AS) and mixed double sculls (TA) on the two projects won the silver medal. 34 year old Wang Lili in May last year just gave birth to a child, the weight of her body in order to prepare for Rio crazy weight loss, more than half a year lost weight of more than and 30 kg. From November last year to gather training, Wang Lili had not seen the child. Fei Tianming’s child was born in September 9th last year, before two consecutive Paralympic gold medals he won the project, expected to take third gold medals as a birthday gift for children, finally won the silver medal although a little regret, but he has to. In track and field and swimming two categories, Chinese Teams continued the gold momentum, were harvested 3 gold and 4 gold. In addition, weightlifting won 2 gold, 1 gold accounted for. )