33Interview with the Arab League focus on the defense of the body to respond to a harmonious atmospher|Interview with the Arab League focus on the defense of the body to respond to a harmonious atmospher4

A joint interview: focus on practicing defense body reaction team harmonious atmosphere – Sohu – Sohu sports sports video interview with Yi Jianlian: focusing on the training of defense team harmonious atmosphere California Santa Barbara local time on the morning of September 29th (30 am Beijing time), the Losangeles Lakers at the University of California at Santa Barbara (UCSB) to a six day training camp today is third days of training camp, is training day two. The training camp, which began at 10 a.m., was the first training session of the day and lasted for up to two hours. According to Yi Jianlian revealed that the focus of these two days of training is defensive. "Yesterday and today practiced some tactics, said real style, advocate running speed, under the premise of attack and defense conversion, need to put down rebounds to run well, so that the defense is a focus these days." Yi Jianlian told Sohu sports. The training started at 11:30, and the Lakers took part in the training camp, which was divided into big and small groups, and the two sides were trained in the first half. While the main practice of big steps inside the body and offensive technology. It seems that the Lakers training camp atmosphere is very good, but also said that the Arab League, teammates help each other. Teammates are very harmonious, we have a lot of communication, the atmosphere is very good, because the new things we are learning, there are communication on each other on the field, there are some pointers to each other." For the first three days of training camp, Yi Jianlian talked about his feelings, getting better. "I feel better day by day, learning things are increasing day by day, defensive and offensive are slowly mounted, the atmosphere is getting better and better, strength is very large, but we can adhere to." Yi Jianlian said. However, due to the entry from the offseason to training camp, high strength brings body reaction, muscles are tight. "We have a reaction, the body has the muscle response, ah, what, it is normal, because it needs a process, training camp is ready for a new season. This is a process, this is a normal reaction." Yi Jianlian said. On the first day of training camp, general manager Kupchak also talked about the problem of the time of the game between Yi Jianlian and grace Ping, that they must work hard to get the time. But this is not a problem for Yi Jianlian. "Every player should be like this! If you do not rely on their own efforts, other factors can not rely on." Due to busy training, Yi Jianlian had no time to visit the training camp in the city of St. Barbara. "For the first time, I have heard that this is a very beautiful place, seaside city, I think this is a good place for vacation." A large number of Chinese students in the field of training UCSB waiting for a joint, when Yi Jianlian out of the venue, the students shouted the name of the Arab League, and Arab League also smiled patiently for everyone to sign. "I see a lot of students, they seem to be on the side of the school, some of them run from elsewhere. Thank them for their support." Yi Jianlian told Sohu sports.