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Colorectal cancer disease is how to care the health – Sohu colorectal cancer disease is a general term for a comprehensive disease, disorder of contents of many have relatively large differences, so in the process of disease diagnosis also has many considerations, I hope people can fully grasp the dynamic development of the palm disease, do effective conditioning daily, lay a good foundation for the recovery of the body. First of all, colorectal cancer disease on patients with gastrointestinal injury is Lv, pay special attention to fasting and water deprivation should be early colorectal cancer after surgery must be restored after intestinal peristalsis before eating and drinking, originally should slowly increase appetite, not too much. With the attention of the patient after the operation of the diet should be diversified, high protein digestible less slag diet, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, avoid irritating, fried fat and other unhealthy foods. With the development of society, people is not only the body for the definition of health, but also including the spirit, has the good state of mind, to ease the pressure is very important in the present society, it is also a method of colorectal cancer and other disease prevention. The prevention of colorectal cancer do not fatigue, learn to work and rest. Secondly, early after resection of colorectal cancer wound care is particularly important, the artificial anus nursing measures for patients and their families should learn science under the guidance of doctors, patients themselves should form a good habit of defecate. And pay attention to patients in 1~3 months after the operation to avoid heavy physical activity, but also pay attention to avoid strenuous exercise, maintain a good mood, and family and friends more communication, and actively participate in social activities. Hunger breeds discontentment, a point that is not false, learn scientific and reasonable collocation diet for the prevention of colorectal cancer, keep healthy is very important. On weekdays, we should improve eating habits, reasonable arrangements for the daily diet, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables rich in carbohydrates and crude fiber food, increasing the proportion of coarse grains, the staple food, should not be too fine. Finally, in patients with colorectal cancer after surgery done early in the day of sleep should be attention, should take the way to sleep lying on the left side, this is done to avoid the pollution of excrement to surgical wound infection caused by hazards. According to the patient’s physical condition, the necessary radiotherapy and chemotherapy adjuvant therapy to prevent the recurrence of cancer, chemotherapy, the appropriate use of Chinese medicine diet, improve the patient’s immune capacity. Colorectal cancer disease first back to the thought of people brought a very heavy burden, so for all kinds of diseases should be done with the master, so that it can better nip in the bud, which can Everything is going smoothly. in the treatment of disease, the middle of the road, people also hope to fully grasp the relevant knowledge.