32Three hundred and eight wins, Serena made history – Sports – people.com.cn|Three hundred and eight wins, Serena made history – Sports – people.com.cn7

Tan Xiao beat Pu Tinghuan – Sports – people.com.cn newspaper in Beijing in September 6,     (reporter Zheng Yi) the twenty-first Samsung Juxian cup world open 32 strong group phase in the first round of South Korea Goyang Harding park. The recent state brave Chinese player Tan Xiao defeated South Korea’s Pu Tinghuan, China player Tang Weixing lost to South Korea’s Shengmin broke the biggest upset of the first round of ginger. The Samsung Cup qualifiers, China players outstanding performance, won 14 qualifying, plus seed players and players in the wild card, open the top 32 seats on the China players up to 20 people. Because of the race to take double elimination, the first round of most quick group phase game. In a few field focus Chinese players "civil war", Li Qincheng lost to Fan Tingyu, newly promoted Braun Cup final victory over kija Martina Rui Naiwei, wildcard coulee against more recently, a good state of Chen Yaoye lost again "the aggrieved party Zhou Rui, the national team head always taught Yu Bin lost to Cai Jing young. In addition, Korea Japan veteran Zhao Zhixun lost to South Korean players to Zhenxu, South Korea’s Li Shishi beat European player Arija Bahrain. "People’s Daily" (09 2016 07 August 23 Edition) (commissioning editor: Yuan Bo)