32Less cure Messi addiction he led the team to have Barcelona away beating Real Madrid – Sports Sohu|Less cure Messi addiction he led the team to have Barcelona away beating Real Madrid – Sports Sohu8

Less cure Messi addiction he led the team to Barcelona was beating Real Madrid away – Sohu sports Messi Neymar to play well in the absence of   because the right thigh adductor tear, Messi needs a truce for three weeks. Now, Barcelona have to find a new offensive core. Who will play the leading role? The dream of three veteran Sylvio gives his advice: "in Messi’s absence, Neymar should play the role of Messi. Neymar is very good, he will continue to grow along the path of Messi." Indeed, even the Real Madrid mouthpiece "Marca" and "Aspen" admits that Neymar healed Messi Barcelona dependence. Only a short while ago, as long as Messi is restricted each other, Barcelona attack will become difficult to stagnate. In the early stages of last season, Messi had a knee ligament injury and rest for two months. At that time the western media that Barcelona the heavens, but the red and blue army was a triumph. In the absence of 13 games last season, Messi lost only 1-2 to in the league. In the league, Barcelona won the Valle Cano, ED, Getafe and Villarreal, in the Champions League, Barcelona two wins in Leverkusen, also won the Borisov. In the king’s cup, Barcelona two round flat Billy Arnold according to a field, then the low level opponent massacre. In addition, Barcelona won the Valen athletic, playing ping. The Club World Cup semi-final, Barcelona and 3 to 0 win over the Guangzhou hengda. In the 13 game of Messi’s absence in Barcelona, score of 10 wins and 2 draws and 1 losses, winning percentage as high as 76.92%. Messi, Barcelona and Neymar. During the period of Messi injured in the last season, Barcelona played all 8 games, Neymar had scored 10 goals, he and Lewis Suarez formed an SN combination. Against Valle Cano, Neymar and even staged a dasixi. Messi in the team, the rhythm of the attack by the control of the flea, Neymar position closer to the left side of the road. Messi truce, the name of the left winger is nominally, in fact, more close to the road in the middle of the road, Neymar. Messi came back last season, when he was away against Real Madrid at Barcelona, but at the time the flea sat on the bench. Messi in the game, Barcelona has been a big lead 3-0. Neymar scored the second goal pole broke Barcelona, shortly after he assists Iniesta banging in third goals. At that time in Messi’s absence, Neymar kicked the ball level, which eventually helped him among the top ranks in the golden vote. From last season’s performance, Neymar has the ability to play the role of Messi. But now, Neymar has his own problems. Due to take part in the Olympic Games, Neymar did not participate in the Barcelona in the summer training camp, he even missed many games, the problems and the level of understanding between teammates. Against Alves, Messi was too tired to sit on the bench, at the time of the attack on the core of the position of the mediocre performance of the. To bite Real Madrid, Barcelona need Neymar to come up with a better performance. (Ding Wu)