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The United States Fleet Commander urged Australia sent warships to patrol the South China Sea said there’s a high value data figure: U. S. warships in the South China Sea cruise Reference News Network reported on February 23 media, said a senior U. S. Navy officer 22 said, Australia and other countries of the Navy should follow the United States, within the range of the disputed islands in the South China Sea 12 nautical miles to carry out "freedom of navigation" action. According to Reuters, February 22, quoted the Australian Broadcasting Corporation reported said that the U.S. Seventh Fleet Commander Joseph & middot; Aucoin is currently in Australia and defense leaders held high-level talks, they explored the problems of Beijing in the disputed region military expansion issue increasingly worried about the. Reported that the United States in China claims to enjoy the sovereignty of the islands in the vicinity of the air and sea patrols of the practice angered Beijing. Two American B-52 strategic bombers had in December last year in the South China Sea Patrol, U.S. Navy vessels destroyer has last month at a distance of the Paracel Islands (I Paracel Islands – note this site) in the Triton Island (i.e. I built in the island – note this site) not to 12 nautical miles from the voyage. Aucoin to reporters said that if the country such as Australia to 12 nautical miles from the disputed territory sent warships to carry out similar actions, it would be "very valuable". According to the Australian joint news agency website reported on February 22nd, Australian Foreign Minister Julie · Bishop warned China that the military of the South China Sea islands will bring the risk of civil aircraft. Bishop 21 in the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s television said: "if the commercial aircraft through the ground to air missile, it will have the risk of miscarriage of justice." Reported that the bishop visited China last week, after Australia called on the South China Sea all sound cable in the settlement of disputes by peaceful means.