2The biggest danger the J-10 flight test pilot Engineer for new network – red|The biggest danger the J-10 flight test pilot Engineer for new network – red

Secret test flight of the J-10 is the biggest danger: test pilot Division win blush – in the new network on March 23, China is the first independent research and development of the third generation fighter J-10 successful first flight of the 18th anniversary. In the day before the evening, f -10 chief designer Song Wencong died of illness. "Global Times" reporter 22 interviewed once and song Cong working together for many years China’s exploits test pilot Yongling, please he tells himself in the eyes of "annihilate – 10 father". "The old gentleman" as to children just as patiently teach flight members of the J-10 project can be traced back to 1983 that called the domestic first by test pilots involved in research and development of new aircraft models. In 1986, Song Wencong was appointed as the chief designer of -10. After years of pre research, the research team in 1991 established team of test pilots from the air force flight troops, combat troops and authorities deployed more than a dozen cadre of pilots. When in flight army Xu Yongling was also being deployed, become one of the fighter pilots -10. Test pilots involved in hundreds of wheel test new aircraft development, in the process Yongling often and song Cong communication contact and together for the J-10 project research experience. Yongling recalls the first time I saw song Cong scene: at that time is flying into a guest house in a small conference room held a test pilot group set up the general assembly, "my first impression of song, song Cong). This is weather beaten old man and very kind, communicating with pilots up a special rapport. I was more than and 20 years old, and song was more than and 60 years old. He looks at us like a child ". It is because of this reason, test pilots are accustomed to Song Wencong called "father". "The old gentleman" lead the development of the J-10 fighter belongs to the third generation fighter, it was still generally equipped with fighters – 6, F-7 ranking second generation fighter for the Chinese air force is quite strange. Yongling recalled: "I to J – 10 R & D team before, the understanding of the third generation fighter is mainly has four major advantages, as far as its basic principle is what, how to realize these advantages, I a don’t know." For example, he says, "we had in the driving force model are controlled by lever aircraft rudder surface conventional aircraft, how many person to operate, the rudder is how many turns, and fly by wire flight control system is controlled by computer and operating mode completely different." Test pilots at the beginning of the f -10 is not used. Song Cong led the research team had been on the third generation fighter were years of technical pre research, he very carefully to the test pilots were taught the basic principle of the overall situation of the new aircraft, the flight control system, test pilot in order to allow a comprehensive understanding of the J-10 program. "In order to strengthen the understanding of the relevant theoretical knowledge, we have carried out a lot of theoretical study from 1991 to 1998". Yongling believes that this paragraph of experience as he went on to become a mature test pilot laid a good foundation. "Thank you very much song always in aircraft design, development, test and other key nodes for those of us when still very young pilots of care and help." The first flight of the -10 song "change birthday" Xu Yongling]