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Taiwan woman was in a bad mood lying on the road users: waste of social resources in new network in new network on April 13, according to Taiwan’s "United Daily News" reported, Taiwan’s Chiayi City, a 46 year old woman surnamed Zhang recently because of a bad mood actually go lie down the road ", yesterday (day 12) is three degrees bulletin ambulance, woman surnamed Zhang since last month cumulative 9 times ambulance and doctor evaluation no mental and psychological problems, social workers speculated that thought is partial melancholy, Chiayi City Fire Department called the family should pay more attention to her, do not waste of social resources. A woman surnamed Zhang yesterday "lay the road" to be public sun in social media and netizen speak bluntly "is really a waste of social resources", "do not harm". The fire element in the lake that woman surnamed Zhang yesterday morning 7, 9 and noon 12 have been informed of the lying in the road, of which one is lying in the slow lane, passing people also used motorcycle gear in the rear, to avoid being run over by a car. Fire brigade will be woman surnamed Zhang sent to Chiayi veterans hospital, she did not want to register, and physicians take the initiative to come forward to evaluate, confirmed that she has no mental illness, but the mood always melancholy, which leads to her husband and children go to work, he was lying in the street. It is understood, the woman surnamed Zhang from March onwards is often unknown reasons lying on the road, including fire bureau yesterday at least the ambulance sent nine times, but Nix dangerous, Zhang woman claimed weakness in the arms and legs, to the hospital and are unwilling to register, waste of social resources suspected, Chiayi City Health bureau pointed out, will please people to care visit, is also looking forward to the family care, avoid the impact of public safety.