2Russian court sentenced to 22 years in prison for female pilots in Ukraine – the new network|Russian court sentenced to 22 years in prison for female pilots in Ukraine – the new network

The Russian court sentenced to Ukrainian female pilots to 22 years in prison in Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Moscow, March 22 (reporter Ji Li) 22, according to Russian television reported, Russia Rostov State Donetsk court 22, sentenced to Ukrainian female pilots savchenko 22 years in prison. Reported that the sentencing of SA Fuqin Department halted because in the final judgment she suddenly in court singing Ukrainian folk songs, causing the audience was in an uproar. The court of final completion of Sa of Fuqin verdict, counting from the day Savchenko was arrested in June 23, 2014. Savchenko’s lawyer said on that day, savchenko intend to re start a hunger strike in the vast water Ukraine v. savchenko’s decision to file a counterclaim. Poroshenko Ukrainian president after the verdict said that Ukraine will not admit that decision, ready to "Prisoners" to exchange for SA Fuqin,. Ukrainian Prime Minister Jacek nyuk wrote on social media Twitter: "SA Fuqin department will be free." Ukraine’s foreign ministry demanded an immediate cancellation of the "illegal and anti humanitarian" decision, the release of the Department of. The Russian court 21 ruling savchenko killed two Russian journalists and illegally crossing the border with Russia and Ukraine convicted, the court show plenty of evidence and the testimony of witnesses. Savchenko, aged 34, is the Ukraine army helicopter pilot. After the outbreak of the crisis in Ukraine and the Ukrainian armed conflict in eastern, she to the identity of the "volunteers" joined the Ukrainian government’s military support, and the Ukrainian Ministry of civil armed combat. In June 2014, the Russian Public Radio and television a crew in the Luhansk Oblast in eastern Ukraine by mortar attacks, two journalists were killed. Russian prosecutors accused Savchenko of Russia to Ukraine position report the crew of armed personnel, directing fire. In addition, Savchenko also disguised as refugees, illegal into russia. Savchenko is regarded as a hero in Ukraine. In 2014, when Ukraine held parliamentary elections, was held in Russia’s Savchenko elected members, was also elected to the permanent representative of the European Commission parliament in the European commission.