2Rick Lin Kecheng Guozihao disaster warriors coach Huirenbujuan – Beijing|Rick Lin Kecheng Guozihao disaster warriors coach Huirenbujuan – Beijing

Rick forest Kecheng Guozihao disaster "slackers coach" destroyed tireless – China Bohai Morning Post reporter Zhang Leilei from the Ajax youth academy director to "slackers coach needs how for a long time? Lee Klink proved himself in the Chinese ruin the experience, in just 5 years. Today, the Chinese Football Association finally ran out of a five-year contract with Lee Klink, the more money, people stupid football blue ocean let him earn 300 million euros, incidentally feet destroy China Youth and Chinese less. Have the top the Ajax youth academy director Title big empty verbiage, Lin Ke of Rick was once Chinese Football Association on a pedestal, and the coach’s PEP is more like in the flicker. "We can play at least 5 opponents in the game today!" Play this team in Singapore, Thailand, South Korea, Iraq, this team is so, Rick Lin g in the eyes of the Chinese youth seems to have become a fresh brigade. But the truth is, the national youth team in the group phase Yaqingsai lost Thailand, Iraq and South korea. When the players, the Chinese coach, Chinese managers in the process to the football association leadership over and over again, the answer is: "they are poor and Ajax’s youth training supervisor!" Interesting is, the former French Football Association technical department director Gerard Houllier, before UEFA technical director Andy? Roxburgh Borg talk to Chinese youth football, any country blue commander in chief Rick forest him mentioned, the first reaction is "who?" And then laugh and don’t language. Lee Klink in before the big talk, after summing up the lessons and good shirk responsibility, perhaps this is complementary to each other. After the failure of the Yaqing Sai of 2012, summary of failure when Rick Lin g always stressed: "people don’t Qi", "no time training camp", "the opponents do not understand". He had no one to blame himself as a coach, as if the failure had nothing to do with himself. After a lapse of three years, in the face of a small number of consecutive defeat, the commander in chief of the answer is still: I do not know that there are so many school-age players, no one told me where to find the players". Lee Klink coached China team, is through the last 12 months late held in Guangzhou adolescents Guozihao coach competition congress, by the technical department organization coaches Committee plus two foreign technical adviser of assessment. But as early as in the last six months, "Rick Lin g will return to coaching Guozihao youth team" the news had spread. And competition for conference, the speech of Lee Klink is far from satisfactory. In the nomination of candidates, ranked the first place is in 2004 had rates of 1988 age section of the country less team won the Asian champion Zhang Ning, ranking the second place is the former striker Wei Xin, the three is Lee Klink. In the Chinese Football Association, the chairman of the office, the collective decision: Lee Klink as the U16 national team coach! Words can not afford to Rick Lin g Lee Klink level no, this already by he led the tragic failure of the Chinese national youth team has been proved. Is regrettable, level is so poor Lee Klink is like a plaster stick in the Chinese Football Association, a long time can not be get rid of. In 2012 China national youth team was losing streak in Yaqingsai, high fa.