2Iran United States missile test frequency worry, after the sanctions era edge ball – new network|Iran United States missile test frequency worry, after the sanctions era edge ball – new network

Iran United States missile test frequency worry, after the sanctions era "edge ball"? New network in the new network in March 12 power Iran more than two days in a row to test a ballistic missile, frequent show muscle action triggered widespread concern. Although Iran claims is not in violation of the Iranian nuclear agreement, but the United States still wanting to put the country before the judgment seat of the Security Council, the Republican Party is troubled, the desire to impose sanctions to punish Iran. After the sanctions era, Iran continuous missile tests, whether in the "edge ball"? Continuous test fired missiles, "show muscle" is only for shock and awe? Iran 8 days and 9 days for two consecutive days test fired a ballistic missile, triggering a number of national response ripple. However, in the Islamic Revolutionary Guard’s view, the country has just completed its own development of the final stage of the missile test. And the biggest goal of this experiment is to deter Iran’s enemies in the Middle East. United States, "New York Times" also believes that the Iranian military seems to be "deliberately provoke western government and trying to by virtue of its powerful force, to make regional competitors, such as Saudi Arabia sit up and take notice. A missile launched by Japan, Iran, and even said, "it is necessary to destroy Israel". Iran has independently developed ballistic missile has 20 years of history, now has a middle east of the most powerful missile base, become Persian Gulf over deterrence to the sword. Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman stressed that Iran on its security and defense forces at any time will not compromise, in the case of the implementation of international commitments will continue its defense and legal missile program. However, the big environment of Iran’s missile test launch is different. Last July, Iran and the six countries after marathon negotiations finally reached an agreement on the Iranian nuclear agreement, the international sanctions against Iran was just released in January, in a relatively relaxed international atmosphere, why Iran has to move? After the era of sanctions "edge ball", to the modernization of national defense? Data figure: the speech of President Rouhani of Iran. Although the United States earlier said that the test launch of a missile does not violate the Iran nuclear agreement, but the move may be in violation of the Security Council resolution 2331. In resolution 2231st, the Security Council urges Iran not to carry out any activities involving a ballistic missile capable of carrying nuclear weapons, including the launch of ballistic missile technology. Tehran’s explanation is that Iran has the right to develop a defensive weapon system, and that the country has abandoned any activity similar to the nuclear program, no matter what circumstances are unable to develop nuclear capability. Iran’s president, Rouhani, also said that these missiles are not used to carry nuclear warheads. Iran is walking a fine? Iran in Iranian nuclear comprehensive agreement reached after entering the sanctions era, ushered in a period of opportunity, the Iranian President hope gradually lift the sanctions in vigorously developing the economy and attract foreign investment, and accelerate the process of modernization of national defense, accelerate the pace of the arms procurement and military exercises. If the missile to the United States fall excuse, may only be in exchange for new sanctions. In fact, the United States in the post era of sanctions did not give up the containment of Iran, in January Barack Obama ordered the lifting of economic sanctions against Iran at the same time, the United States and on Iran launched new sanctions, will "support for Iran’s ballistic missile)