2In the big league teacher to raise the public welfare controversial refund 600 thousand Sohu news po|In the big league teacher to raise the public welfare controversial refund 600 thousand Sohu news po

In the big league teacher to raise the public welfare "controversial posting apology refund 600 thousand – Sohu News newspaper reported earlier. In the big league teacher "public welfare to raise controversial after in public, posting apology and drying out record donations: News tracking Guangzhou Daily News (reporter qinsong) on March 16, the Guangzhou Daily reported in Major League teacher He Jinpeng daughters to raise medical expenses, just a few days received donated nearly one million yuan by the question. He Jinpeng promised that the balance will be donated, and publicity. March 28th late at night, He Jinpeng in the public number "Yi Ren Yi," announced the latest progress, said it had contacted nearly 2000 people a refund of nearly 600 thousand yuan. Online apology line refund on March 28, 23 am, He Jinpeng in public, "Yi Yi people." a "thank you, Thanksgiving before" article, apologized to the public: "on March 12, due to save female eager, I in the micro channel platform made a" you if safe. It will be a sunny day. ", hope in the circle of friends to their relatives and friends for help because of intrauterine infection in premature and critically ill daughter. But because of my lack of understanding of the network for help, especially for the donation limit is not limited by technical means, resulting in more than the amount of donations received by her daughter’s medical needs, to bring the unnecessary trouble and trouble. I feel deeply guilty, and sincerely to support me, care about me, to criticize my friends to apologize!" He said, to at 0:00 on March 19th, received a total donation of 945095.70 yuan. According to reports, from the beginning of last week to now, and it has nearly 2000 donors were contacted, have a refund of about 600 thousand yuan. At the same time, he introduced the daughter of the latest situation: after repeated, in March 25th has been out of the incubator, is currently being gradually recovered. As of March 27th, the total amount of her daughter’s hospitalization was 76352.02 yuan, and another 4702 yuan of medical expenses. All expenses to be discharged when the total publicity." He also drying out all the well wishers records include WeChat, Alipay and bank transfer three modes, record the number of thousands of lines. A document that He Jinpeng and 2000 donors in the text said, has nearly 2000 donors were contacted, has a total refund of about 60 million yuan. Reporter survey found that there are people who received a refund. In the UK in the alumni small Yan told reporters, after seeing He Jinpeng released charity to raise public information, she gave He Jinpeng a transfer of $100 by alipay. Local time on March 20th morning, she received a call by He Jinpeng Alipay He Jinpeng in a refund, a refund in the accompanying text: "I’m sorry! A lot of excess money to help more people, the beginning of the same heart." "As far as I know, all my friends around me have received a refund, especially for students. His priorities should be donated to the students and the students." She analyzed. One of the 2001 alumni Zhang also told reporters that he received a refund in March 20th. In addition, the reporter also received a number of other Zhongshan University alumni group feedback, there are indeed a lot of alumni have received a refund. He Jinpeng: keep in touch with the rest of the money will be used where Bi heart fund? Prior to.