2Daily Telegraph meat prices farmers benefit geometry – View – People’s network|Daily Telegraph meat prices farmers benefit geometry – View – People’s network

The Daily Telegraph: meat prices farmers benefit geometric? – View – People’s network, the original title: meat prices farmers benefit geometric? Recently, part of the meat prices rose become the streets hot topic. However, an interesting phenomenon is that, compared with the past, many consumers are not very concerned about this round of price increases. Such public opinion reaction, seemingly abnormal, but in reality there are rational components. Because, this round of meat prices rose, mainly in the role of market rules. Take pork, as the national development and Reform Commission said, "with the recovery and compensatory" — in other words, early pork prices relatively low, is now a retaliatory rebound. Has experienced the baptism of the market economy, the market price fluctuations gradually become accustomed to, there is no reason not to accept meat prices change, but more important is that many people not only understand the market, but also have feelings. These years, although the agricultural and rural development is very fast, but the gap between urban and rural areas is still obvious. In this context, there are a lot of people are willing to pass the premium of agricultural products, so that farmers get more income, so as to help farmers achieve a comfortable. Emotionally, compared to other commodities, especially real estate prices, people are more inclined to the appropriate price of agricultural products, so that farmers can benefit. However, this round of the dividend price of meat dishes will eventually flow into the pockets of farmers from the past experience, the answer two words: it is difficult. In the field of agricultural products supply, there have been "vegetables than selling vegetables, selling vegetables than not batch of vegetables" argument, implying that there is in the agricultural products supply chain, production processes in a U-shaped bottom added value minimum and the greatest risk. So we will see, although the most important agriculture, but few people rely on vegetables or rich pig. The key to the problem is here. In the face of high meat prices, people more and more readily accept, even willing to let the meat vegetables fly for a while to planting and pig farmers get some price dividend. This reflects a kind of feelings, reflecting the public’s feelings of farmers in rural areas. But the problem is that only a very small part of the price increases can flow into the pockets of farmers. And this increase will give farmers a secondary disaster". From past experience, with the rising prices of agricultural products, agricultural prices also tend to follow up. Agricultural product prices are up and down, which is agricultural prices only rise, it is difficult to go up to fall back. After the price of agricultural products, often usher in a new round of market sought after, farmers increased investment, expand production, the end of the supply surplus, resulting in price slump. The market is not allowed to touch the farmers, very hard to make two money in the bull market, accidentally caught in a bear market. This is also the market has said, "down, farmers suffering; up, farmers suffering". Starting from the market, in fact, a lot of people accept meat vegetables fly for a while; starting from the feelings, in fact, a lot of people willing to meat and vegetables fly for a while. But regret is that the price increases did not fall into the pockets of farmers, both the real market rules, but also to live up to the feelings of the public.