2College Students Party members walking in front of the times ahead of the people – Society – People’|College Students Party members walking in front of the times ahead of the people – Society – People’

College Students Party members: walking in front of the times ahead – Society – People’s network chart: Shenyang University student party members in the campus photo. People’s vision chart II: China University of Political Science and Law student party members went to Beijing City, a number of secondary schools are youth preaching activities. Data picture Figure 3: Peking University celebrated the Communist Party of China established 95th anniversary and in recognition of the meeting, the student party members review oath of join or be admitted to the party. Li Xianghua university party building is an important part of the construction of the party, is to run the basic guarantee of socialism with Chinese characteristics. In the development environment of college students, learning and life style, thinking mode and other major changes in the moment, how to use the core values of the socialist core values to lead the growth of young students? How to further play the role of the student Party branch, student party members of the Battle Fortress and pioneer? How to base on the student party members, and actively cultivate the spirit of faith, values, behavior norms, including the student party members of the community culture? At the same time, the college student party members as the youth of the advanced group, how to take practical action to lead the majority of young people to fulfill the sacred mission of the firm belief, reserve knowledge, enhance the ability? Group of college student party members as a young college students to practice the socialist core value concept of leading and demonstration, the ideal and belief, theoretical knowledge, morality, spirit, behaviors, etc. can really go in front of the broad masses of young students? These are the important issues facing the party building work in Colleges and universities. In celebration of the 95 anniversary of its founding, we selected several universities to explore the experience, trying to from multiple angles of college party organization, students Party branch, student Party member individual, reflecting the current college party construction work to achieve results and challenges. — Series & nbsp; & nbsp; "our party we speaking" shortly before, College of Shipbuilding Engineering, Harbin Engineering University graduates, Chang received a letter — "Zhang Yi comrades: congratulations on your party organization has the honor to receive is member of the Communist Party of China, it is party organization for your study and work, representing you is the advanced part of the student population. I hope you can keep it up, always keep in mind the purpose of the party, maintain the advanced nature of Party members. Have faith, have a dream, there is struggle, the dedication of life, is a meaningful life." Received this letter congratulatory letter means Chang officially grew from a college students, as a student party members, which for the coming out of the ivory tower, coastal defense system, he entered it is a precious gift. Recall their grew from an ordinary college students, for a formal party. Chang believes that benefit the deepest, is the school to carry out the "flag? 5" activities. "Flag? 5" activities, is "our party our own terms" — by developing its own "interpretation of a constitution, tells the story of a history, tell stories of a outstanding members, an experience, to listen to a lecture". Interpretation of a constitution for resource base, from the source to grasp the party’s nature, aim and target, clear party lofty ideal pursuit origin; tell a history, learning party of revolutionary history and developmental)