2Centre for English was not frustrated by the trust decentralization of two teams in Bayern|Centre for English was not frustrated by the trust decentralization of two teams in Bayern

Centre for English was not frustrated by the trust Bayern decentralization two team Bayern defender for premier of Bayern in the future?! Alonso disciples Kimich 2015 stunning show Tencent sports January 8 hearing this morning, Bayern Munich club officially announced that Kirchhoff switch to Sunderland, German defender with a black cat to sign a piece of paper and a 18 month contract. According to the transfer market revealed that Kirchhoff’s transfer fee is only 1 million euros. 25-year-old Kirchhof, makes a debut in Frankfurt Youth Camp 1.95 meters tall defender, in Mainz kicked out of tricks, and in 2013 summer switch to the Bundesliga class bully Bayern. But Guardiola just took over the team did not reuse the Zhengyin Zhongwei, the 2013-14 season and the 2014-15 season he was loaned out to FC Schalke 04, the season regression Bayern. Even if the Bundesliga BANBA team internal full battalion of army, Guardiola prefer to use Martinez and Alonso guest Zhongwei, do not want to reuse the young man. Thus, Kirchhoff is into the Bayern team. This season he only in the German Cup competition for a replacement team played one, the winter window open after he switched to Premiership team can be said is a good choice. Sunderland in the Premier League table tail, boss Sam Allardyce is happy Germany defender could rush to the rescue of a black cat: "he is a very high level of outstanding defender, and even the Champions League experience. Kirchhoff can be competent for the midfield, and the position of the position, for our current focus is to help him quickly adapt to the Premier League, hoping his arrival will play a positive impact on the team." (Gu Lin)