2A new network – Chinese Central Bank Staff charged with huge amounts of money stolen|A new network – Chinese Central Bank Staff charged with huge amounts of money stolen

The Central Bank of Bangladesh stolen a huge amount of money charged with staff in the Chinese new network in Beijing March 31 (Xinhua) the United States, "World Journal" reported that Bangladesh Bank theft capital of a huge sum of transnational money laundering case, 29 in the Philippine Senate held hearings to investigate, six accused involved ethnic Chinese. The Philippines casino intermediary Wang Jinxian Kam sin Wong, transliteration) at the hearing said that hackers from the Central Bank of Bangladesh at the New York Fed account transfer go 81 million dollars, most in the early transfer to the casino Filipino middle and gamblers, the Peking man Gao Shuhua (Gao Shuhua, transliteration) and Macau Ding Zhize (Ding Zhize) account. But the original modus operandi was a seamless heavenly robe misspelled words and exposed hacker. Bangladesh tried to hide, but the final case surfaced, but still accused the United States work negligence. Thieves and hackers even steal a central bank deposit, comparable to the Hollywood drama plot. According to media reports, in early February, a group of hackers fake Bangladesh Bank logged Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (Swift) communication system using the correct password to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York issued up to 35 pen transfer requirements, the total value of 9 billion $5100, which 30 pen is rejected, Wubi approved, worth $1 million was transferred to the their designated account. Among them, to a $20 million account of the Sri Lanka because the middle line found that there is a problem, and finally came back. But the irony is that suspicious reason for Deutsche Bank, bank transfer, because hackers spelling of "foundation" English "foundation" is spelled Fandation. According to reports, in January this year, hackers to Bangladesh Bank system embedded in a variety of different Trojan software have so far been in the survey found a compromised computer enough to have more than 30, still no cause Bangladesh Bank network security system the slightest notice, smooth running for several weeks, easy access to the telecommunications loot all of the required information. This has casino evaporation of the stolen money, the last follow the trail of appear in the Philippines and China Bank (rcbc) Jupiter Street branch. On February 5, the total size of $22 million in stolen funds are remitted to the branch of the four US dollar account. According to the Manila communique, the Philippines anti money laundering Commission investigation of money laundering case has six suspects, including five people have the Bank of China account. Court of appeals pointed out 81 million dollars were converted to pesos, under the arrangement of one of them, the money is transferred to the casino intermediary Xu Weikang (transliteration, Xu based Weikang), Oriental Hawaii leisure Co., Ltd. and Sun City casino operators bloomberry bank account.