29Guizhou Hengfeng Zhicheng Chongchao team do they face the pressure of sports Sohu|Guizhou Hengfeng Zhicheng Chongchao team do they face the pressure of sports Sohu2

Guizhou Hengfeng Zhicheng Chongchao team do they face the pressure of Beijing sports Sohu 14:30 on October 15th, Guizhou Hengfeng Zhicheng in Guizhou new stadium against Tianjin the right to health. This is the beginning of the season a few thought the Guizhou Hengfeng Zhicheng Chongchao key battle, in this period of time in the offseason, Hengfeng Zhicheng still follow the prescribed order training. Chongchao for Li Bing led a group of coaches and club, it looks like that is a best effort but not trying to win over the final results, if you can also come to the satisfaction of all. The last round of League, Hengfeng Zhicheng 0:2 away defeat to Dalian party. Li Bing admitted after the game, one team, Hengfeng Zhicheng has the best. At the beginning of the frustration of the atmosphere inside the Guizhou fans are mostly reluctant, but want to come, the reality is not the case? The Dalian side in terms of personnel structure, capital investment, heritage of football is not Hengfeng Zhicheng so long in Chinese football team comes to the lower level. One side of the foreign aid, whether it is personal ability or value are in accordance with the Super League configuration to build. Similarly, pushing the right to Tianjin, Qingdao, the Yellow Sea, Beijing and other teams seem to be able to compete more than two of the top honors. Hengfeng Zhicheng this year under the leadership of Li Bing played several wave wins, has repeatedly long time to occupy the top spot. However, a requirement of all aspects of the investment is not the superior team, can easily go all the way to the Super League is not consistent with the law of football. How this season Hengfeng Zhicheng final score, in addition to the best club outside competitors will continue to make mistakes, but also Hengfeng Zhicheng finally be able to stand on the key factors which position. At the beginning of the season, Hengfeng group is almost at the last minute in Zhicheng club. The personnel structure at that time the team has been finalized, since the Xiaoting Hengfeng Group Chairman Hengfeng Zhicheng club, the club’s architecture is Hengfeng group stationed in the club staff, the original Zhicheng club ‘staff, and staff to join the Guizhou Hengfeng Zhicheng from the original and the club. These staff with general manager Li Bing deal with club affairs, such as coach team members with the team in charge of the work of the team in charge of Li Bing, Li Sheng. So far, two aspects of the work has been done quite well. If in accordance with the plan to develop the first eight years, has been far more than the completion of the task. Is happy worry is that now is facing Chongchao surprise, how will the Chongchao places in the bag, at this stage the energy needed for the club some difficulty, Hengfeng Zhicheng capital investment this year is a great bonus light, and football club from get economic returns, whether it is the ticket advertising or sponsorship is an utterly inadequate measure. Hengfeng Zhicheng home court this year for a change, from the change to the new Guiyang Olympic Stadium, and then to the Anshun Olympic Stadium, to October 15th to return to the new. Which accompanied by a hard one, take the team’s training ground, now Hengfeng Zhicheng in Qingzhen Guizhou Province Sports Bureau’s training base. But the lawn usually open to the outside world, Hengfeng chi)