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The stock market plunged his steady money Phoenix finance   in September 12th, early in the external market of bad news, the stock index opened sharply lower, stocks, Qi heavyweight downturn, afternoon stock index continued to decline, fell more than 2.5%, fell 3000 points, near the close slightly, insurance keep 3000 points. On the surface, resources, finance, automobile and other weight plate fell collective; Shenzhen state owned reform concept described. At the close, the stock index reported 3021.98 points, down 1.85%, the gem index reported at 2145.56 points, down by 2.61%.   master contest "good Qin Feng" on Thursday Friday opening layout, Eastern Communications, in early trading steadily outperform, fans to buy the day to earn 2%. "Qin Feng" buyorient communication logic is that Oriental communications shares Borch technology, if the Commission on Friday by Borch technology listed approval, then the Eastern Communications benefit from the news, Monday will be remarkable. Affected by the market today, the Eastern Communications rose is not high, but in early trading performance, outperforming the broader market, good Qin peak at the high point to sell surplus. Sell Eastern Communications, "Qin Feng" again to buy four new material, which has high transfer concept, early once touted, good Qin Feng in August has also earned nearly 20% shares by the.   good Qin Feng SMS tips warm tips: if there is no subscription to subscribe to the user after the success of SMS notification, please contact the customer service: 3470566465. At the same time, please do not reply to system messages, or it will cause the system to automatically unsubscribe. I have recently received feedback from users of SMS, which is why most of the background data show the user mobile phone terminal, recommend regular shutdown restart your mobile phone, mobile phone and SMS regularly clean up the memory space, and do not download mobile phone software with interception function. Welcome to contact customer service at any time.   the operation of the master to help their success. Monthly subscription 698 yuan. Subscription time is calculated from the success of the subscription, such as: September 6th monthly subscription success, the calculation time is from September 6th to October 5th