27Running teaches us how to do it than to spend money on the blade|Running teaches us how to do it than to spend money on the blade8

Running teaches us the philosophy: do you want to spend more money to the edge of the information you think running can only lose weight? Then you are too narrow, running can teach us a lot of philosophy of life, as a runner, you understand it? "Key part" requires critical protection! No matter what time, place, what you are doing, you need special protection for the key parts. When they will come to you in unexpected to embarrass you. For example, you can think what just took part in the race, even went to the men’s nipple rub off skin or are girls in the aunt in the bloody run… An embarrassment that we need to be reminded that: whether you are running or daily life, please give the key parts "key protection! Money will be spent on the blade! Even a good sports underwear price comparable to "Vitoria’s Secret", but not in order to save a little money and take an ordinary underwear fooling the whole running process. When you realize the problem is serious, you can’t make up for it. The hobby into competition, stupid people who love running forced himself to run into 330 grades as singing, people must insist on their own hair, the hobby into competition, whether it is with others or with their rivalry, is an unpleasant thing stupid. The party must always follow. Than want nobody to start running reliable and fully prepared to do homework, take to run on foot. And always imagine yourself when starting now than to start wearing shoes! There is no castles in the air running posture did not adjust to the pursuit of speed will only make you eager to be plagued by injuries. Not what castles in the air, and lay a solid foundation, can all work. To open source, but also want to do things, to open source, but also know how to throttle. Want to run to lose weight, to stride leg, also to the tube shut up! Know how to control the ability to run forever, although good, can not run every day. Know how to control, so that the rest of the rest, the mitigation of relief, the mature mature… Look up at the starry sky, more attention should be paid to the foot night running to see the beautiful sky, but also to be careful not to stumble at the foot of the stone! It is also the case, the eyes should be long-term, but also to pay attention to the immediate emergency! A foolish thing will persist for 100 years, it is also cattle! Running is not one or two days to bear fruit of Western medicine, but steady habits. No one runs for 5 days you can lose 10KG, no one can run 10 days out of the body, guizaijianchi. Like the pursuit of a beautiful girl, if you do 100 things for her, even if she does not marry you, this life can not forget you. (Lu Fuan running Bible)