27Conti Azar impressed me on top like a dream|Conti Azar impressed me on top like a dream8

Conti: Zal, I’m impressed on top of a fantastic team summit, Everton strong Conti conceal his joy 5-0 win, a victory after Chelsea temporarily came to the top of the premier league standings. In this game, Chelsea played in the offensive side of mercury diarrhea like smooth cooperation, which also makes the blues coach Conti quite pleased. In an interview after the game, Conti praised the heroics of the disciples. "They did a great job and I’m so happy to see a win like that. We played great football and created a lot of chances, and after the game, we have five consecutive games, which is the key. I’m happy with the lads, they’re fantastic tonight, we have to keep working on it." The game Zal Mei opened two degrees, which is his career for the first time in the Premier League for the second round of the four round have goals. Conti is also generous praise of love: "O Zal this really impressed me. We all know that he is a talented player, and this I saw him in the team for his team and teammates made a great contribution, I am very happy. He showed his talent in every game, and now he has to keep it." The plum to open two degrees o Zal is the largest contributor to the victory of the blues in the summer blues fullback Marcos Alonso in the game scored his Chelsea career goal. Conti said, playing it isn’t easy for Alonso to the new summer league, so I feel very happy for his first goal, and that this will be on Alonso’s Chelsea career has a positive effect. After the game, Chelsea to 25 points behind the top of the premier league. Conti said that this is very important for the team. "At the top like a dream, it is a good feeling, so today for us to win this game is very important." (Dou Bao)