26Zhang Xinjun look forward to the same group of wheat the audience estimated that more than learning |Zhang Xinjun look forward to the same group of wheat the audience estimated that more than learning 1

Zhang Xinjun is looking forward to the same group of super wheat: estimated audience can learn is a good thing and Mike Roy Zhang Xinjun in the third round will be the same PK Beijing time on October 28th, in Japan’s Matsuyama Hideki -13 score of leading WGC-HSBC champions 36 hole, China "DJ" Zhang Xinjun also play well. Fourth times in the HSBC Champions League two rounds of his results for the 68 bar, a total of 69 shots, with a total score of -7 bar and the world’s top third Mike Roy tied in the top place, the two will be the same group tomorrow. Tomorrow with the same group of wheat, the audience will certainly be a lot. I would have thought of it myself, try to eliminate some of the interference to play their own ball." Zhang Xinjun said after the game, of course, with a group of wheat is also very much looking forward to, of course, is important to relax, learn more, I think it is a good thing." Shaanxi players, China’s domestic game has been the focus of Zhang Xinjun’s campaign. Since the establishment of the China tour in 2014, he has been active in the field, and became the first to win the championship in China tour players. He won the Beijing open in 2014, and won the · 2015 in the season of the year, and the · in the southern city of Chongqing. 2016 season, he participated in the 7 game, won the two second. There are comments that a bit like Chinese player of the HSBC Championship final exam a year, practicing skills, test yourself in the position of the highest level in the world of competitive environment the scale. Therefore Zhang Xinjun said: "I think in the last few years Chinese tour for my exercise is very important, gave me great help, not only is the game, and psychological aspects have played a key role." At the same time, he is also looking forward to "I hope China tour can be done better and better, go farther, I also hope I through the tour exercise in Chinese beauty, go to a higher platform, more high level of competition." In addition, the first round of Chinese poor play of PGA Tour four time world champion Dou Zecheng also catch up, he was in the second round of over 70 bar, with two +3 rods (77-70) results, the previous day rose to seventieth are tied for forty-ninth place, to pave the way for the mobile on Saturday. Chinese star Liang Wenchong also tied for forty-ninth place. 19 year old Dou Zecheng Dou Zecheng this year in a total of China occupation Players Tour won four games, he has experienced from the race crash into the overtime, the third round of the leading ones, and other types of win win win catch up from behind, gained a wealth of experience. This is the 19 year old he can get out of the first round of the defeat in the first 77 reasons. This year’s World Championships, China has a total of 6 contestants, including the four have participated in the China US tour race. Li Haotong in the 2014 season to win even more than China’s tour of the United States, is the first to enter the United States through the tournament tour of the United States – level two – Wei tour of the Chinese players in the tournament, the United States, the United States and China, the United States and the United States, China, the United States and china. After two rounds, he handed over the +1 bar (73-72), who tied for thirty-eighth place. Zhang Huilin played 72 times a day to play the second round of the poor, handed over to the top of the, the results of the +6 pole tied for sixty-fifth place. Another Chinese player Wu Ashun;