26The three foot return Lippi spying on Qatar – Sohu sports intelligence assistant|The three foot return Lippi spying on Qatar – Sohu sports intelligence assistant1

The three foot return Lippi assistant spy intelligence – Sohu Qatar sports Sohu sports exclusive articles, forbids to reprint Beijing time 19:35 on November 15th, 12 strong Asian fifth round match, the football team against Qatar home court. War Orangemen also triggered at any moment, in wildly beating gongs and drums for. Lippi sent assistant spying on Qatar’s military, including Hills and Sebastian particularly noteworthy. The Orangemen of Qatar’s technical and tactical characteristics, also has the corresponding understanding, Cao? And Zhang Chengdong have recovered, Zhang Yuning also return to this country of the foot is also a great good. Qatar team in the warm-up match to 2-1 victory over the Russian team, Lippi also sent an assistant to observe the game, the strength of the Qatar team has a certain understanding. Currently in the group stage, Qatar 1 wins and 3 negative product of 3 points, the national team of 1 flat and negative product of 1 points, the situation is not ideal, the game is bound to get the full potential of the two teams on the opponent to get a score of 3. The team also experienced a coaching change, League coach Fossati took office. The most notable players, one of them is captain Hills, he can not only attack in the midfield, the team from the threat of transportation, but also a good place. 40 strong Asian Games, China 0-1 away defeat to Qatar is the key of the war, Hills assists transport. Another noteworthy is the striker Sebastian, his physical quality is very good, but also has a good sense of smell in front of the door, a great threat to the defense of the Chinese team. The national football warm-up with Wuhan zall, Zhang Chengdong’s legs appear slight injury, which also makes recently did not appear on the training ground. However, the recent recovery of Zhang Chengdong is in good condition, has been accompanied by an assistant coach jogging, very hopeful to catch up with Qatar’s contest. Zhang Chengdong and Cao? Set fit, and Zhang Yuning’s return, will also make China more neat, to better prepare for the lineup card in the battle. (Ariel) exclusive copy of Sohu Sports