26Glenn Seidman hinted or went to Manchester United I want to play with Pogba – Sohu Sports|Glenn Seidman hinted or went to Manchester United I want to play with Pogba – Sohu Sports1

Glenn Seidman: I want to suggest or go to Manchester United and Pogba play together – Sohu sports or go to Manchester United   suggests Gregory Saltzman; Glenn Seidman is the last few seasons of European fame niche, in Ma Jing’s eruptions have made themselves become the object of many giants sought. But now a word makes Gregory Saltzman countless people reverie, round himself bluntly hope for the future is to do the bogeba teammates to join Manchester United? In an interview with sky sports, Glenn Seidman said: "I’m always talking to Pogba about Manchester United because I think they are really big clubs and the hardware is very good. I also asked some of the United players, want to know whether they are really strong, or Mourinho led level is superb. Of course, you will hear a lot of my trip to Paris Saint Germain and Manchester United News, but I’m not leaving now." Then the French striker said: "if one day I can play with Pogba in a club, that’s good, I will be in the future, will see my mood. Maybe I think it’s important to go to another club, but now I have a good time at Atletico and I just want to bring more titles to the club." Gregory said he had Saltzman when to leave Atletico to see if Simonyi continues, and their default Jin Chuanwen sheets Legion for 100 million euros, if gleizes Manchester really willing to join United, even if Atletico do not put people, the penalty shoot is good, you know Manchester United took more than 100 million buy bogeba the euro. (Bourbon)