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Zhejiang pushing medical health services, the goal of second bright! Sohu health of the public number for the State Administration of traditional Chinese medicine official WeChat, if you are not concerned about, please click on the top blue Chinese medicine for attention. By the year, the basic coverage of the whole life cycle, rich connotation, prominent advantages, and urban and rural residents to adapt to the needs of Chinese medicine health service system, to promote the health of Chinese medicine in Zhejiang forefront of the country. This is the day before the office of the Zhejiang provincial government to the provincial government agreed to put forward the "on accelerating the development of Chinese medicine health service opinion" in target. "Opinions" and the main objectives of the task there are many highlights. First, the ability to significantly enhance the health services of Chinese medicine, clear to the year, and strive to 100% of the community and township health institutions, 70% of the village clinics have the ability to serve Chinese medicine. Support the establishment of private medicine specialty hospitals and clinics, allow drug companies to carry out Chinese medicine Zuotang medicine. The two is to encourage the development of traditional Chinese medicine health care services, health care equipment of traditional Chinese medicine products to encourage enterprises to develop the meridian theory as the foundation, to encourage social capital to set up Chinese medicine massage Museum, museum, Museum of Tai Chi diet. Encourage insurance companies to develop traditional Chinese medicine health insurance. The three is the development of traditional Chinese medicine, cultivate the selection of new "Zhejiang eight", bigger and stronger, Ganodermalucidum Dendrobium, bee products, pearl powder such as regional characteristics and advantages of products. The four is to promote cross-border integration of traditional Chinese medicine industry chain development. To promote the traditional Chinese medicine, health care, rehabilitation care, cultural tourism, information service and the development of circulation industry, machinery integration, realize the whole industry chain development. Support "Internet plus traditional Chinese medicine" O2O e-commerce service new formats. Zhejiang, Zhejiang, Zhejiang planning to open, Zhejiang, Zhejiang traditional Chinese medicine tourism route. Zhejiang will implement the target responsibility system, the objectives and tasks to implement the subdivision of the provincial development and Reform Commission, Ministry of health and Family Planning Commission (the provincial administration of traditional Chinese Medicine), Department of finance, Department of human social security and other provincial departments responsible for years before the end of the month, is expected to reach overall objectives and tasks. Text: China traditional Chinese Medicine News reporter Zhang Guanchun, Media Editor: Liu Qian