25Per person monthly salary of 1000 yuan for Miss Dong’s wayward point praise – Sohu comments|Per person monthly salary of 1000 yuan for Miss Dong’s wayward point praise – Sohu comments8

Pay 1000 yuan per person per month for Miss Dong capricious point a praise – Sohu commented Miss Dong and hung up, this is paying employees. On the evening of November 24th, a sign for Zhuhai GREE electric Limited by Share Ltd on the company’s full staff monthly salary of 1000 yuan notice began circulating on the internet. The contents of the documents show that from December 2016 onwards, on the basis of the existing monthly wage, GREE Electric will be recruited for the full three months of all employees (except for special salary staff), a monthly salary of $1000 per person. (November 25th people.com.cn) later confirmed that this is not the network rumors, Dong Mingzhu is indeed the people Thanksgiving gift sent to employees. According to statistics, a total of more than 70 thousand employees can enjoy the benefits of GREE, GREE will increase spending for this month will be 70 million yuan per year, you need $840 million. Previously, although there are overbearing President Ma Huateng sent staff shares, chairman Wang Sicong bought Ferrari coupe’s bonus gaming players and things like that, but a year and Miss Dong took out 8 billion generous employees compared to, can only be considered a minor. People watching the boss so capricious, I believe that many people in the workplace and envy, after all, every month can receive 1000 yuan, for ordinary wage earners, it is not a drizzle like happiness, should be regarded as a downpour. For a time, "your company is hiring?" message stack shuabing. In addition, there are some people who hold a sour psychology, said Miss Dong the reason why there is such a move, probably because some time ago long silver acquisition proposal was rejected shareholders’ meeting, heart gas Biezhao: your shareholders do not support me, then I will send money to employees, let you have no matter? Joseph! How to eat melon masses at the side of twitter, people at GREE employees certainly still immersed in the joy of general rejoicing Ben, like a word not just the money the boss always love, without any questionnaire can know, the GREE people’s happiness index of these days is definitely straight soaring. Miss Dong must point a praise. From the previous in the media advertising for the air conditioning installation work increased by one hundred yuan per unit installation fee, to give all employees monthly pay 1000 yuan, count up Miss Dong this time to spend a lot, but people will see that these are her money value, the boss will treat employees, staff dedication, go to work with a grateful heart, so is the cohesion of the enterprise, the production efficiency is up, do not have what thing? Furthermore, Miss Dong such high-profile money will also play a very good publicity, let the brand GREE become more like this will make known to every family, advertising money to the staff, their own money into people’s pockets, famous in the outside, it is shoot two hawks with one arrow. From Google, HUAWEI technology companies tall canteen caused by the crowd, and then to the GREE to come up with about 70000000 yuan per month to pay employees, in fact, the more employees know how to treat those companies do well, this is not only a manifestation of the strength of enterprises, see more from managers to understand this sentence ". quiet