25Hero cherish hero! James Ig confession of three retired legend|Hero cherish hero! James Ig confession of three retired legend3

Hero cherish hero! James IG confession of three retired legend James IG love sina sports news Beijing time on September 25th, in the summer, after Kobe Bryant and Tim Duncan, another great player will become the so-called "legend", yes, Kevin – Garnett also retired. This is a huge loss for both the fans and the players. Today, the Cavaliers star Lebron – James in their own social media soulful confession of these three have bid farewell to the stadium, but also a great friend of division. On his own IG, Lebron wrote: "the three greatest basketball players retired in the same summer! In my career, it is really a great honor to be against each of these three legends. I will miss you here! I thank you for the demonstration if you want to win the championship, what we really need the ability, mentality, need to achieve good level, need to how other occupation, etc. (will teach Lebron.). 5 years later, there will be a great night in the hall of fame, because at that time, the three of you will enter the hall of fame!" #TheBigTicket #TheMamba #BigFundementals in the side of this text, James is also very carefully put a picture. In the figure, both the sentimental look three stars, as well as in their occupation career, the most classic moment. It is no wonder that James such a feeling, after all the three stars can be said to be his occupation career "enemies": the story of 23VS24 is the biggest regret of this alliance, and two of those years on the first league competition, compared with about two people play, is a hot topic of enduring alliance. The phrase "the future is yours" has in the past ten years, ten years, two people have played in the finals, Duncan sent Lebron and Lebron to the championships, he won fifth. 10 years of failure, Lebron became the most painful experience. After the game, KG holding the head of Lebron told him, "don’t let the loyalty kill you", since James’s team not to become a long long career spans the mountain. The story of Lebron and the three of them is really too much. Perhaps it is this fierce competition, only let the feelings seem so special; perhaps it was such a great player to crash out sparks so beautiful. I do not know after this, Lebron in the league, will not feel lonely. Is the so-called hero cherish hero, hero of the great hero, only to understand. Pay homage to the legend! (fruit) scan code Sina NBA public concern, get the latest and fastest NBA information!