24The first week the team beat the Spurs top fifteenth rocket Knight Warrior|The first week the team beat the Spurs top fifteenth rocket Knight Warrior2

The first week of the team standings: the Spurs beat the knight warrior fifteenth rocket Kawai Sina led the team to stride forward singing militant songs sports news Beijing standard time on November 1st, NBA officially announced the new season ranked the first phase of the power list, the Spurs topped the list, knights and warriors were ranked second and third, the Rockets ranked fifteenth, ranked twenty-fourth in the lakers. 1, the Spurs (4 – 0): 97.1 (25) offensive rhythm: 112.7 (2): defensive 95.2 (6): +17.5 (2) points in only 2 games, Popovich began to rest the main players. The Spurs beat home court pelicans, Parke and Ginobili to rest; the Spurs beat the heat away, A De holiday. This summer, changed the Spurs bench, but they still looked bench in the league’s best, especially young Simmons at the outbreak of a war with the warriors opener. 2, Knight (3 – 0): 100.6 (13) offensive rhythm: 104.9 (11): 92 (2) defensive points: +12.9 (3) although James’s jumper is still not stable, but this Never mind. In the past 3 games, James averaged 21 points, 8.3 rebounds and a total of 10 assists, and the Cavaliers’ performance was excellent. Despite a good start, but the Cavaliers at the last moment still need Erwin and JR’s big heart shot, and the Cavaliers so far defense is very stable. 3, the Warriors (2 – 1): 105.6 (4) offensive rhythm: 103.9 (12): 108 (27) defensive points: -4.1 (19) opener defeat to the Spurs for the warriors, sounding the alarm, but they did not seem to learn. 2 away then, warriors hard defeated the pelican and the sun. You know, since the start of the game, the 2 teams record is 0 wins and 6 losses. The new warriors death squad in the five partner within 26 minutes to get 82 points, but lost 74 points, but the opponent hit rate of 51%. 4, the Clippers (2 – 0): 97.2 (24) offensive rhythm: 103.6 (13): defensive 93.4 (4): +10.2 (5 points) after the start of the season, the clippers have two good signs, first, their five bench 23 minutes on the pitch 22 margin of victory Blake; second, Griffin in the restricted area of the number of shots (20 times) than him in the middle distance shots (9 times). Although many gram – Rivers’s team never love offensive rebounds, but in the past 2 games, the Clippers grabbed 29 offensive rebounds last season, any 2 consecutive games to grab more. 5, the Raptors (1 – 1): 98 (22) offensive rhythm: 102.7 (15): 93.7 (5) defensive points: +9.0 (6) compared to last season, the Raptors like little change, they can beat any other Eastern team, in addition to outside knight. The Raptors in the game assists rate