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The National Health Planning Commission Director Qin Huaijin on the science and Education Department of live culture — people.com.cn Health Channel – people.com.cn in the standardized residency training in this way, as long as we do not forget the early heart, maintain confidence, perseverance, I believe that this system will be able to achieve our desired goals, must be able to provide strong human support for health China construction! – in 2016 the national housing secretary Qin Huai gold culture forum speech excerpts. The strategic deployment of the party and the country, put forward the higher and more urgent requirements for the cultivation of talents. In the recently held national health and health conference, general secretary Xi Jinping elaborated on the great significance of the construction of healthy China, strategic objectives and major tasks. The convening of the meeting, opened a new journey to build a healthy china. In August 26th, the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee passed the "health China 2030" plan of health human resources construction in our country, medical personnel training are put forward higher and more urgent request. Confidence is the foundation of a good job. Our confidence comes not only from the central government’s emphasis on health care, but also from the fact that the system is scientific. In December 31, 2013, the national health and Family Planning Commission and other 7 departments jointly issued the guiding opinions on the establishment of standardized residency training system, which marks the formal implementation of standardized residency training system. 2014, the central began to invest in training special funds. In 2015, the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) started the standardized training of resident doctors. The standardized training of resident doctors in China has achieved a historic leap from local exploration to full implementation. The standardized training system of resident doctors is the only way to cultivate qualified clinicians. Since the implementation of the system for more than two years, has made remarkable achievements in china. Mainly reflected in: the basic formation of live training policy system, the basic establishment of the management system, training and quality control system gradually improved, the basic form of the security system, enrollment increased year by year, the training effect gradually revealed. Policy system: the current "5+3" as the main clinical medical personnel training system has basically formed. In the standardized residency training system and policy system, since 2014, the national health and Family Planning Commission according to the 7 departments of the State Council "guidance on Establishing" standardized residency training system, further study and formulate the training standards, training contents and standards, training management, training and assessment measures for the implementation of the measures for the implementation of recruitment a series of documents, initially formed a system of effective. At the same time, further strengthen the cooperative medical education, Ministry of health, education and Family Planning Commission and other 6 departments jointly issued "on deepening the reform of Medical Education Collaborative views" clinical medical personnel training, to promote the effective convergence of hospital culture training and master’s degree in clinical medicine physician practice, deepening the reform work of clinical medical personnel training. Management system: from the state to the provincial level has basically established a government led, sectoral collaboration, industry led, multi participation mechanism. The majority of provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) set up a work leading group or joint meeting system to ensure that the system effectively. Chinese Medical Doctor Association as an industry body, the joint local association