23The Royal Society is lucky draw Barcelona Barcelona Enrique the worst war|The Royal Society is lucky draw Barcelona Barcelona Enrique the worst war3

The Royal Society is lucky draw Barcelona Barcelona Enrique: the worst war opponent Enrique praised the outstanding sports reporter Liang Hongye reported + Barcelona failed to break in the Royal Society Arno stadium home court ETA nightmare, has 7 consecutive league wins at Arno stadium without eta. The Barcelona game called lucky to get 1 points, the Royal Society occupies the absolute initiative, if not canceled Hu Amy miscarriage of justice goals, Barcelona 1 points are taken away. If you do not see the game, they will not believe in any case I wrote about Barcelona full at a disadvantage, the royal society can be like usually at the Nou Camp Barcelona ball, and Barcelona like past their opponents as followed. Enrique after it fully reflect the essence of the game, the opponent of our press is perfect, we even 5 consecutive passes are not finished. The opponent in everything better than us, create a corner kick, the ball, steals and so on. It was a miracle that we could score 0 to 0 in the second half. Some of the team beat us, because back playing well, set a good command or defend well, but we rarely encountered such a team, in everything beyond us, in play and tactics on the whole are more than us. I don’t think it would be fair if we win today. This is my worst game in Barcelona, we don’t even have 1 points. Why is this happening? Football is a game against us, and today we won 5%." The start of the game, Enrique did not let down, sent his top team. Barcelona is on the Royal Society before the press tactics from Peake and Mascherano, from the sink to the Intel on both sides of the ball. Ritter Manchester roots can be seen, ready to deal with the opponent as usual Barcelona front and back through the press, accurate passing instigated back, playing behind the opponent. But soon the Barcelona found old tactics won’t work, because the Royal Society Press front even more than Guardiola for city design front press also airtight, according to Enrique said after the game, we can not find the passing lane, short route was cut off, zhongchangchuan also can not find the route." In this case, Barcelona line frequently the long ball to Neymar, but Neymar did not get back to the ball, less than 30 minutes, Neymar to the side of the ball lost at least 4 times, and in 20 minutes before the Royal Society, Captain Harvey Prieto has headed 2 threat Barcelona gate, Mexico striker Carlos Bella also has 1 times the threat hit the door. Barcelona until forty-first minutes before the Suarez barely completed a long-range goal, which is Barcelona only half, but also missed. Statistics show that the first half of the first half of the first forty-first minutes of the Royal society. Is one disaster after another, Alva and Peake are injured in the first half of the fight, although two people to play the full 90 minutes, but Alva since the injury never plug assists, and Peake is a bandage shoelaces feet tied together. In the second half, Denis replaced Rakiti, Barcelona midfielder slightly improved, Barcelona still put the P