23The 13th Five-Year plan released in 2020 the insurance industry premium income and strive to reach 4|The 13th Five-Year plan released in 2020 the insurance industry premium income and strive to reach 42

The 13th Five-Year plan released in 2020 the insurance industry premium income and strive to reach 4 trillion and 500 billion Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! In twenty-first Century August 31st, twenty-first Century economic report   Economic Herald reporter learned exclusively, the CIRC has issued the "development" Chinese insurance industry in 13th Five-Year "plan recently" (hereinafter referred to as the "Outline"). The "Outline" shows that "the main goal of the development of China’s insurance industry in 13th Five-Year" period of 2020 is to protect the basic completion of a comprehensive, functional, safe and sound, good faith standard, with strong service capabilities, innovation and international competitiveness, and adapt to China’s economic and social development needs of the modern insurance services, efforts to change the power to insurance powerhouse insurance, the insurance has become the basic means for the government, enterprises and residents risk management and wealth management, become an important channel to improve security level and guarantee the quality, become the government to improve the public service, strengthen the effective tool of social governance and the promotion of financial poverty alleviation. China’s insurance industry in the world to further enhance the status of the insurance market. Specific objectives are: to achieve rapid growth in the insurance industry. By 2020, the national insurance premium income reached about 4 trillion and 500 billion yuan, the insurance depth of up to 5%, the insurance density reached $3500, the total assets of the insurance industry to reach about 25 trillion yuan. The comprehensive strength and international influence of large insurance group have been improved steadily, and the small and medium-sized insurance companies have realized the differentiation and development. Better products and services. Multi level, personalized insurance needs to be basically met, a substantial improvement in the quality of insurance services. Insurance services major national strategy, economic transformation and upgrading, people’s livelihood security function to play a prominent role in supporting poverty alleviation. Integration of technology and insurance. Conducive to the formation of innovative institutional mechanisms, innovative elements more efficient allocation. – industry influence significantly enhanced. The modern insurance services has become the key to upgrade the quality and efficiency of economic efficient engine, innovation and social governance mechanism effectively, strong support for improving livelihood security, improve the financial system of the backbone, a substantial increase in the level of insurance knowledge, in compensation for economic losses and accidents, to promote the circulation of funds and improve social governance, optimizing the allocation of resources. The role of the field increasing. Consumer satisfaction generally increased. Claims difficult, misleading sales and other outstanding issues have been effectively resolved, a substantial decline in the rate of consumer complaints, insurance dispute settlement mechanism to solve the basic improvement of the legitimate interests of consumers have been effectively protected. Insurance means more abundant services, improve service efficiency and quality, the industry has won widespread recognition of the whole society. Significantly improve the level of the rule of law. Amend the "insurance law", speed up the key areas of legislation, to build a multi-level insurance legal system. Strict exercise of regulatory authority in accordance with the law, to explore the insurance regulatory authority list system, improve supervision and law enforcement procedures. Improve the rules of the main business activities of the market, strengthen Paul