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A detailed diagram of zero add quickly homemade lunch meat, delicious breakfast lunch classic – Sohu grew to love to eat lunch meat, hide in small tins of meat and cooked meal taste different, there are children how to open the package. When you travel there is a tin tank bag, little heart is full of happiness and ease. I become adult son, eat what you like it, all kinds of food processing sinister workshop also came, the dangers of food additives also overwhelming reports. But! All this can not stop a chowhound drop footsteps, I want to eat lunch meat ah ah ah. So I searched for, eclectic online, make this a personal opinion "Merlin" is also delicious lunch meat. Material: 1 eight thin two barrel peeled pork: 1 pounds 2 two 2 onion: 20 cm long stalk 3 egg: a 4: 15 grams of salt 5 sugar: 20 grams of 6 five spice powder: 5 grams of 7 oyster sauce: 5 grams of 8 steamed fish soy sauce: 5 grams of soy sauce 5 grams of 10: 9 starch: 50 grams of 11 water: 50 grams of 12 Monascus powder: 3 grams of pork chop mud practice: 1. When the chop chop rotten fascia like chop up, the more rotten products more delicate. Light blue wash. 2 onion chopped, starch and water, stir into starch and water, all the ingredients into the bowl. In one direction beat up. 3 whipping good minced meat into the lunch box, paving the way for the gauze surface smooth, brought to the table a few boxes shock, let the minced meat smooth and dense. No inner boxes with oil gauze, anti sticking can. 4 flat gauze cover, cover tightly box lid. Into the steamer, after the transfer of water to open a small fire for two hours. Cool after the pot, or gauze wrapped a good cover, to prevent the surface becomes dry, refrigerated storage, with the take with the food, convenient and quick. At: 1 of raw materials. If you use two eggs, remove the water, starch can be mixed directly. Is the color with red rice powder, can not put more, a little bit is enough, if not do without it. If you buy ready-made minced meat, also own a few knife to chop into mud, refined, and good taste. I used the double knife, chop a twisted humming a song, while also chopped. Is this a myth combination of raw materials source of the self, if you use ginger and cooking wine, not steamed meat pie taste? If you use thirteen like incense, not stewed meat? The meat must be fresh, green onions and other seasonings is enough to Fishy Flavor. However, it is recommended that you follow their own tastes, is the best. About 2 steamed meat ware. To give you a reference, I used 20 long wide and 13 high 7cm boxes, little more than a pound of meat is just a box of steam. Personally think that the lunch box or to cover tightly, so that water vapor will not affect the minced meat taste and molding. 3 on the preservation period. My lunch meat is eaten up in a week, it tastes good. So I don’t know.