2321 NBA letter elder brother abandoned the top salary of the new assistant to prove a strong ability |21 NBA letter elder brother abandoned the top salary of the new assistant to prove a strong ability 1

21 days NBA: brother abandoned the new warriors top paid letters to a Sohu – Assistant sports Beijing time on September 21st, Hugh NBA season continues, mainly as follows: the wonderful news outside the letter for the team to give up the interests of brother Max bucks forward at Tom cumbo and the team finished 4 year $100 million contract, he will become small and Gasol after Batum became the third person to get billion contract players in europe. Bucks general manager John Hammond said the letter Copen can get more money, but for the team to have salary flexibility more chose to give up. He said: "we were in the top salary, both inside and outside the team have discussed this matter. One of the things we need to do is to think about the fact that as the team moves forward, we give everyone a chance – if we want to be a champion team, there are bound to be sacrifices." If the Tom cumbo next summer, he and the Bucks signed a 5 year maximum salary. Last season, the letter can get 16.9 points in the field of the board with 4.3 assists in 7.7. The new warriors assistant Brown to attack Luke Walton: to teach the appointment of Mike Brown as the new chief assistant, Brown entered the warriors coaching staff to assume the fear of attack training, because the warriors have been recognized as the top league defensive assistant Ron – Adams. Brown for himself the defensive coach label said, "I’m not good at the field of attack is not, during my stay in Cleveland, began as a defensive team, but at the end of the season, we attack into the top five and top ten." Cole said, when Brown assistant, mainly fancy his rich coach experience, his ability is not limited to defense, but proficient in all aspects of basketball. James rookie season star card worth 200 thousand Lebron – James rookie signature star card is expected to make 200 thousand dollars at high prices, the James signature card is a famous American star card company upper deck products, in 2003, mark image signature and NBA James’s front and back are some issues regarding James’s introduction. According to experts, this star card has a very high collection value, over the signature jersey. At present, James’s signature Rookie Card has been in the online auction for 12 days, and now the price has reached $65 thousand, and is expected in October 1st could reach $200 thousand, will be 2000 after the most precious rare star card. Bonner is expected to re employment of Sanantonio red Mamba spurs old Matt Bonner has yet to find a new club, 36 Bonner on the end of the season without the Spurs team left the contract. He is looking for a new contract, Bonner said, will continue to survive in the league, would like to play at least another season. Red Mamba said: "there are many clubs interested, but not confirmed, many teams have said" I love Matt Bonner, but our team now no spare place, if have what change, he will be considered. " I still have time for the first game of the season." Bonner has been playing for Spurs since the 06-07 season for ten years