22What kind of weather conditions It’s perfect for a marathon|What kind of weather conditions It’s perfect for a marathon3

What kind of weather conditions? It is the perfect   for a marathon;       from the time of day, what weather is the best condition for a perfect marathon? From time to time, what kind of weather is the best condition for running a perfect marathon? A perfect marathon cannot do without the three elements: climate, geography, and. "Days" is the weather factors to temperature and humidity as the representative of the "location" refers to a smooth high-speed track "and the" natural events of quality and the players themselves ready. When these three elements have reached the ideal state, good result is a natural thing. From the time of day, what weather conditions are perfect for a marathon? The body of the most direct manifestation of the temperature of the weather is   Temperature (Felt Air), that is, the temperature of the human body to feel the air, and the temperature of the weather forecast may be no small difference. For example, often hear Jiangsu winter frozen dog, warm, as far north African students survive in Wuhan in Hangzhou in the summer, is the embodiment of body temperature. Body temperature is mainly related to relative humidity, wind, temperature, sunshine intensity, only when these data are located in a certain range, it is a good day for a race. In general, the best body temperature at around 20-25 degrees Celsius (winter), the most acceptable body feel at 18~23 C. 25-26 C in summer. To say the relative humidity. Relative humidity is the expression of "water vapor content in the air for" air can hold up the water vapor content "(i.e. saturated vapor pressure) the proportion of high and low humidity will make the body feeling uncomfortable. In the high temperature environment, the high humidity when the body will feel very stuffy hot and humid, the body temperature will be higher. In this case, the body’s oxygen consumption, sugar consumption, heart rate will rise, lactic acid production will be faster, more energy consumption. Human skin needs more heat pressure treatment, and when the efficiency of exhaust heat faster after sweating, it becomes easier for body thirsty, adverse reactions caused by heat stroke or heat exhaustion; (southeast of the marathon held many time arrangements at night or early morning is to avoid the high temperature and high humidity, but it is difficult to avoid. Because there are close to 90% of the same 30 degrees of humidity, temperature, and even more difficult than some domestic city 35 DEG C) and in the environment of low temperature, high humidity is the best representative of Jiangsu — winter clothes feel wet, never did not thoroughly, clearly display temperature a few degrees above zero but feel cold run after sweating, but many, if not timely run after warm dressing, they are particularly vulnerable to colds. Humidity is too low is not good, although the body can adapt to the relatively high temperature, it is easy to cause subcutaneous vasoconstriction, excessive skin tension, nose, lungs weaken the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract, running is more likely to cause respiratory tract disease. The body’s demand for water will be even stronger. 50-60% humidity for marathon