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Autumn eat fish symptomatic " "   inventory of 6 kinds of common fish medicinal value — people.com.cn Health Channel – people.com.cn original title: Autumn eat fish symptomatic " " inventory of medicinal value of the 6 kinds of common fish in autumn is a good time for the infirm tonic, fish is a good tonic food. Not only delicious taste and high nutritional value. The protein content is 2 times that of pork, and belongs to high quality protein. The motherland medicine thinks about fish disease, symptomatic eat "fish", its edible and medical value to appear. The medicinal value of carp fish: also known as common carp, sweet and warm. Effect of water swelling, Qi spleen, Tongmai milk, Qingrejiedu, edema, ascites, indications of maternal milk less, gastroptosis, anal prolapse. Fish: can fill the five internal organs, Qufeng, insecticide, and is especially suitable for spleen and stomach weakness, indigestion, dry skin. Can be used as an adjuvant therapy for chronic hepatitis and chronic hepatitis. Often eat fish can also nourish the skin, keep moisture and elasticity of the skin. Herring: Qi, stomach dampness and diuresis, Qufeng solution vexed etc.. Edible can treat Qi deficiency fatigue, stomach pain, beriberi, cold dampness, malaria, headache. Trace elements of zinc, selenium, herring, iron, and anti-cancer effect. Carp: sweet and warm. Diuresis detumescence, spleen qi, the effect of Tongmai milk. The edema, milk unreasonable, not long in the air. Grass carp: also known as grass carp, Ctenopharyngodon idellus, Qinghuan is white, sweet and warm, has the effect of calming the liver, expelling wind, dampness and malaria of living. The ancients believed that grass carp flesh and loose, treating asthenia and wind deficiency headache, with its head especially good food. Loach: Sweet natured, warm the Qi, clearing urine, detoxification effect of hemorrhoids. Loach meat tender, nutritional value is very high, the slippery saliva has antibacterial anti-inflammatory effect. Can cure jaundice, dysuria, disease after sweating disease. What to eat fish should pay attention to? 1, deep-sea fish are not safe in fish, Anisakis is one of the most common parasites, we often eat salmon, salmon, tuna, COD, eel, grouper and other fish are Anisakis host. 2, misunderstanding: some people think that high wine, soy sauce, vinegar, garlic, mustard, sashimi can kill the parasite. In fact, these methods are very difficult to kill the parasite, such as the survival of young children, such as the liver fluke. 3, the safest way: high temperature heating cooked, is the safest way to eat fish. 4, freezing, microwave: it is recommended to eat or not eat sashimi, or the fish freezing and microwave method to kill metacercaria. But the temperature is low enough, need continuous frozen ten hours or even several days; and the table "iced" only with ice cooling, no insecticidal effect, but may prolong the survival time of some parasitic larvae. 5 separate raw and cooked, chopping boards and knives: separate raw and cooked food when cooking, so as to avoid parasitic infection. (Wang Yawei, right: the commissioning editor Juan)