21Jose Mourinho alone live in the hotel is too boring Barcelona next week to accompany him to the team|Jose Mourinho alone live in the hotel is too boring Barcelona next week to accompany him to the team2

Jose Mourinho alone live in the hotel is too boring? Next week the Barcelona team to accompany him next week in Barcelona Mourinho Hotel + sports reporter Wang Qin Bo reported in November 1st, Barcelona city will be in the Champions League group phase game challenge. The club has been selected by the club’s staff to stay at the hotel the night before the game: 5 star Lowry Manchester, where Manchester United boss Mourinho is staying! No one knows how Barcelona players, coach Enrique and Barcelona officials will meet with Mourinho. But there will be plenty of curiosity. Mourinho has been in the hotel since he coached Manchester united. It was the first time in his career that he had separated from his family. Since the last coach Chelsea, the Mourinho family settled in London, living in the 25 million pound mansion in the District of Chelsea. "My daughter is going to be 20 years old, my son is going to be a very old man at the age of 17, a college student and a football player, who has a circle of friends." Since Mourinho stay at this hotel, the paparazzi is always lying around. The British tabloids even spend a great price, buy a United lost to second days of Chelsea Mourinho and the doorman farewell sombre picture. Mourinho also complained about the paparazzi too much, cause inconvenience yourself freely, some boring, but he seems to exist between United and or the hotel sponsorship contract, he also mentioned his stay at this hotel fame soared. Since coming to Barcelona and Mourinho live a hotel, from the afternoon of October 31st to November 1st in the evening, the paparazzi will gather in crowded around the hotel, and even does not rule out someone tried to infiltrate into the hotel, to shoot Mourinho and Barcelona members face to face the moment. Please pay attention to more exciting sports +APP