21Express eleven double grab before staged drama|Express eleven double grab before staged drama3

Express eleven double grab drama staged before the morning news reporter Xie Kewei double eleven approaching, cargo courier gap appears day by day. Reporter yesterday learned from the net, Shanghai has at least 10 scale express delivery and logistics company is to get people staged drama, in order to recruit people, some express delivery and logistics company at 8000-10000 January paid advertising to attract candidates to join the deliveryman, sorting team. The lack of delivery and sorting staff "cut the hand of time has not arrived yet, most express delivery and logistics company has been busy. Estimated double eleven during the delivery and sorting needs to be more than doubled." A logistics company personnel department responsible person told the reporter, usually need to delivery staff of one thousand people, double eleven period is estimated to be about 2000 people, the porters, sorter is similar to see catch elbow. People network 8 provide recruitment information display, with at least more than and 10, Yuantong express and logistics company with the scale of recruitment information on these sites, these people waiting for the express delivery and logistics company mostly in the delivery site for the unit recruitment, each site needs to recruit the number in the 10-20, the largest number of recruitment for 20 people. Recruitment site staff told reporters that some courier companies have expressed their eagerness to use the mood. "Although the majority of express delivery and logistics company is expected to have a lack of people during the double eleven, as early as 2 months ago began to prepare, but have no way to fundamentally solve the problem, the demand is urgent." It is reported that courier, logistics companies involved in the post, including delivery, sorting, documentary, warehouse management and other seven or eight types of work, but the most missing is the delivery and sorting positions. Recruit temporary workers to send free time delivery for a long time, send the wrong, the shortage problem of minimizing the double eleven period, many courier, logistics companies have resorted to "Eighteen Wu Yi in recruiting". The so-called "temporary" is mainly the domestic, mining and other aspects of the supermarket staff, use their spare time to help delivery, sorting goods, and paid by the hour, the salary determined according to the site location and degree of delivery busy, the average salary in the estimation of the number of 25 yuan per hour. Yuantong express Rongle Road site, the need to recruit 12 employees, the relevant staff said, "do five Hugh two, also can do six Hugh, especially the double eleven, all the staff will get paid overtime." According to the express company in the industry, in accordance with the basic salary plus delivery amount to obtain compensation, different express delivery and logistics company, the salary and reward each different. A courier company’s old deliveryman said, "the usual delivery volume in seventy or eighty, the average monthly income of 7000 yuan this year, double eleven during the estimation of delivery is very busy, delivery volume is expected to exceed 100, the monthly income will exceed 10 thousand yuan."